Cameron Diaz Consults Psychics

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Cameron Diaz has graced our TV screens since her first role in The Mask in 1994. She’s appeared in many subsequent films, often playing funny characters in titles such as There’s Something About Mary, romantic comedy My Best Friend’s Wedding and has even starred as Fiona in Shrek.

It seems the actress is never short of work as her portfolio claims at least one role in a blockbuster film every couple of years. She has also starred in more serious titles such as My Sister’s Keeper, Being John Malkovich and Vanilla Sky and has received Golden Globe Award nominations in four films including Gangs of New York in 2002. In 2013 Cameron Diaz was reported to be the most well paid actress in Hollywood over the age of 40. There’s no doubt that she is beautiful, funny, sexy and talented, so why has it taken so long for Diaz to settle down and marry?

Cameron’s history is varied; there’s been actors including Matt Dillon and music artists such as Justin Timberlake. Before she met her husband, she was dating Alex Rodriguez, the baseball star of the New York Yankees team. Finally, she found the man of her dreams and married Benji Madden, brother of Nicole Richie in January 2015 after a short engagement of just 17 days. The couple are often seen in public, clearly in love and happy.

Psychics & Clairvoyants

It’s no secret that Diaz has in the past consulted psychics for clairvoyant readings on the men in her life, wanting to know about the potential of her relationships, when she would meet her soul mate and when she was going to marry. She was reportedly seen having a psychic tea leaf reading when she was dating British model Paul Sculfor and, since they split, Diaz has also consulted the mystical world for advice and guidance on her acting career. It’s possible that even though Cameron has married and settled down with the love of her life, she is still having readings about which film roles to accept and which to reject. Throughout her whole career, she doesn’t seem to have yet starred in a poorly reviewed film. Diaz has also spoken about Transcendental Meditation as a practice for her to connect with herself, recharge and relax.

Campaigns & Global Warming

Diaz is admired for her environmental activism and is reported to have been one of the first to have purchased an electric car. She has worked with Al Gore’s Live Earth campaign, assisting in raising awareness of climate change. She also endorsed Gore publicly during the US presidential election in 2000. Cameron has spoken as an advocate for military families and is involved with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, a non-profit organisation that aids veterans from wars.

As one of the most successful actors in Hollywood, Diaz can surely have a pick of the roles she plays, but it seems she also takes love and her personal life seriously. She wants to help raise awareness of climate change and is actively working with organisations to help others live better.


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