Ocean lover and scuba divers are quite pampered when it comes to movies. There are countless movies that feature some of the most unique and breath-taking underwater realm cinematic scenes. And numerous of these movies have become all-time classics by portraying the magical underwater world with top actors.

The Deep is a thriller movie where you will find Jacqueline Bisset in the main role. The movie is about a couple on vacations that gets embroiled with some bad guys over a treasure hunting expedition on a wreck. This movie was written by Peter Benchley and is one of the most classic and loved dive movies of all time. The underwater wreck scene is of the Rhone found in the waters of the British Virgin Islands.

The Abyss is a sure diver’s favourite. It’s got everything that a diving movie can offer, such as alien underwater creatures, Navy Seals, underwater battles, and liquid breathing. This movie was supposed to be in two parts. The second part was planned to continue from the ending scene of this movie where Ed Harris makes contact with the aliens. However, due to some financial constraints, the sequel never came to life.

James Bond: Thunderball sees Sean Connery taking the role of the 007 agent once again. In this movie his mission is to head to the paradise island of the Bahamas to recuperate two nuclear weapons. This movie is definitely a classic with its various popular one line that one Bond knows, and of course, it has some great underwater battle scenes.
Dark Tide is a movie by John Stockwell, and it features the beautiful Academy Award Winner Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in the main roles. While making a documentary about sharks, things go terribly wrong when a documentary crew is attacked by vicious sharks. Harry Berry, a sharp expert in this movie is then haunted by this shark attack memory, and has to battle her fear.

When talking about underwater movies, it’s impossible not to mention Jaws. This movie has left a frightening image of sharks for many people who has watched it. Jaws is probably one of the greatest horror movie of all time. Since Jaws was released, various sequels were made, but were not as memorable as the first one. This movie has been directed by Steven Spielberg and it has an interesting cast of top actors such as Richard Dreyfuss, Robert Shaw, Roy Scheider, Peter Benchley and Lorraine Gary.