How Some Cars Became Iconic Movie Stars

The central characters in movies are not always the people themselves. In certain movies, the star of the show is a particular car or vehicle. Certain cars have stuck in movie lovers’ minds long after the credits have rolled. There are multiple reasons for the popularity of particular vehicles, including how the car looks, what particular features it has, and the kind of action that it is involved in.

Unique Features

Certain cars have become favorites of movie-goers because of their unique features. Some have special gadgets that everyone wishes they had in their own vehicles, while others have such a unique look to them that they are unforgettable. Some movie cars are extremely rare, which also makes them loved and adored.

Focus of the Movie

Some movie cars become iconic because of the roles that they play in the scenes. Certain cars are involved in multiple car chases, and they become popular because of their ability to survive. Others may do unbelievable stunts, or take multiple beatings.

Certain movie cars become popular just because they are used throughout the movie. Whether taking a road trip or chasing the bad guys, these cars become a fixture, just like a regular character does. Certain movies have spawned such a love of the featured cars that sales increase exponentially after the movie is released.

Check out the following infographic to see which cars have become icons in their own right:

cinematic cars infographic


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