Best ever horseracing movies

There have been quite a few racing movies down the years but three stand out as the best ever racing movies for very different reasons:

1. National Velvet – 1944

This is a family tearjerker of a movie about the Grand National held in the UK each year – probably the most famous race over jumps in the world. Filmed in glorious Technicolor at Pebble Beach funnily enough – this was the film that launched the career of young Elizabeth Taylor. It’s a real family favorite and a ripping yarn. Your children will love it!

2. Phar Lap – 1983

Set in the great depression in Australia in the 1930s, Phar Lap tells the true story of the horse by the same name that swept all before it winning Australia’s biggest race the Melbourne Cup before being sent to race in Mexico and then the US where it died in mysterious circumstances.

This is probably the most “serious” and critically acclaimed movie about horse racing of all time. It’s simply a “must see” movie!

3. Champions 1983

Champions tells another true story – this time about the jump horse Aldaniti ridden by UK jockey Bob Champion; a horse which won the 1981 Grand National after the horse managed to recovery from injury and the jockey from testicular cancer. Another tearjerker, the movie appeals to those who enjoy their serious horse racing analysis and tips – particularly around the Grand National – because Aldaniti was a class horse that always had a potential National win in him before his injury. The race is the biggest gambling event in the whole UK sports calendar to this day.

The fact that both horse and jockey had been somewhat written off but came back as a team to win made the movie kind of write itself. Another winner and another firm family favorite.


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