The last instalment of James Bond, Skyfall, was nothing short of fantastic. The darker, more ominous Bond was something of real class, with Daniel Craig’s performance as the titular character being a masterclass in action hero acting. However, the Cheshire actor is now 46-years-old; he’ll be a year older when Bond 24 is released in 2015. It is no secret that the studio, MGM, will be starting to look for new Bonds, so who is in with a chance?

Tom Hardy

The favourite with the betfair trading app with a current price of 3.00, the London native broke into the mainstream with his fantastic portrayal of notorious British prisoner Charles Bronson. Since then he has had starring roles in Lawless as well as teaming with Christopher Nolan for Inception and Batman: The Dark Knight Rises. There are muted whispers that Nolan is going to be the man to replace Sam Mendes in the Bond directorial chair after Bond 24, if so, expect Hardy to nab the role of the spy.

Idris Elba

Craig, with his blond hair, broke the mould for what James Bond had to look like. Around the same time of his casting it was suggested that the next Bond would be someone of African descent, if the producers are going to stick to that idea then they have nobody bar Idris Elba to turn to. The Londoner has some serious acting chops, his star turns as Stringer Bell in the hugely successful TV series The Wire and his anti-hero performance in Luther could be mirrored in a dark, as is seemingly the norm, Bond movie.

Michael Fassbender

The current outsider with a price of 7.00, the Irish actor has won a lot of acclaim over the past 24 months with quality performance after quality performance. Could he be Bond? Well he has all the natural charm of the Bonds of old and although his physique is hardly the most imposing neither was Roger Moore. Fassbender’s heavy workload with the X-men movie franchise may prove to be a stumbling block.