Online vs Real Life Casinos – Hard Rock casino bars Affleck from blackjack tables

Blackjack card counting made headlines early this month when Hollywood actor and director Ben Affleck got ‘backed off’ from the blackjack tables when Hard Rock casino security employees allegedly witnessed him using the technically legal but frowned upon method of beating the house.

To be ‘backed off’ is when you’re no longer permitted to play a particular game, but not banned from the casino completely. Apparently, the actor was warned repeatedly to stop card counting, but when he didn’t the security staff stepped in. Subsequently, Affleck was banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock. While Affleck hasn’t done anything illegal, had he had accomplices helping him with signals or used a device to card count, this would have been illegal. So, while his reputation may have been sullied a little, at least he hasn’t been accused of breaking the law.

It’s not the first time a celeb has caused a scene in a casino in Vegas and it surely won’t be the last. However, for most of us playing blackjack today, the issue of card counting simply doesn’t come up. That’s because it’s just not a possibility when you play blackjack online – where most of the blackjack playing takes place today. Thanks to the random number generator software that is used in the games, there’s no way that card counting could work.

Instead, an online blackjack player has to rely on their own chosen strategy and ability to make the wisest decisions they can with the hands they are dealt. For a beginner blackjack player, the element of chance might seem the most important, but as they become familiar with the game, they see the possibilities of improving their chances with a hand through doubling down, splitting or taking insurance. This kind of knowledge can only come with experience and the best way to gain experience is to play for small stakes at online casinos. Big name online casinos such as bgo and Sky Vegas they go to extra mile to provide incentives for new players. At bgo, for example, not only do you get a 200% welcome bonus when you first put down a deposit into a new account, but there’s also a loyalty scheme where you earn points every time you play on the site. When you have 100 Loyalty points you can exchange them for £1 bonus cash that has no wagering requirement attached to it.

So learning the ins and outs of blackjack need not end up being too costly, especially if you play the minimum stakes every time. There’s also always the option of playing in demo mode if you want to get in more practice without any financial risk. The games play through just as in a real cash game, but the wins and losses are only virtual.

Anyone wanting to play blackjack in a land-based casino should certainly invest in some practice time online first to make sure they know how to play!


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