“The Heat” takes “White House Down”, but Monsters still rule


What megahot sex symbols scored a victory at the box office this week?

Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock, of course.

Women came out in full force to support McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in the cop comedy “The Heat” this weekend to the tune of $40 million in it’s opening weekend. It beat out the duo of Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx in the political actioner “White House Down, which came in fourth with $25.7 million. “White House Down” disappointed Sony studio execs who had predicted at least $30 million for the big budget film that saw the destruction of the U.S. Capitol building.

Perhaps those execs should’ve read the memo that it pays to be first. It was just three months ago that audiences turned up to the see first White House under attack film in “Olympus Has Fallen”. That film opened to $30.4 million. “The Heat” capitalized on the chemistry with director Paul Feig who also helmed Bridesmaids, one of the most successful female comedies ever. It also cemented McCarthy’s draw as a lead. Get ready to see more of her. Not that that’s a bad thing, unless you’re Rex Reed.

However, neither duo was enough to top “Monsters University.” The animated prequel came in first for it’s second straight weekend with a total of $46.2 million. The next number 1 could also be animated as “Despicable Me 2” will arrive in theaters on Tuesday. It’s already earned $46.2 million in overseas markets. Coming in third was the Brad Pitt zombie film World War Z with $29.8 million. “Man of Steel” brought in $20.8 million to take the 5th spot.


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