Celebrities in Rehab

It is easy to get swept up in the trappings of Hollywood glamour. We see celebrities and think, ‘if only I could be them.’ The reality is that being famous isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the Hollywood life can be much harder to navigate then people think. As far back as Hollywood has been around so hasn’t celebrities who have addiction problems. Often these addictions are attempts to self-medicate and escape from a complex world mixed with excess and privilege, along with isolation and extreme pressures.

Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry recently went to rehab in an attempt to be proactive in his struggle with addiction to alcohol and prescription medication. It was noted that Perry relapsed after having been to rehab twice before. The first time was while he was a regular cast member on the show Friends in 1997.

Gerard Butler

The 300 star, Gerard Butler checked himself in the Betty Ford clinic and told US magazine in an interview that he “has a pretty addictive personality” and was becoming addicted to prescription drugs. He had the medication because of injuries he sustained from 3 of his films. But when he realized it was getting out of control he went to get help and become “a mental warrior”.

Kirsten Dunst

In an interview with British Elle Kirsten Dunst talks about her time in rehab at the Cirque Lodge. She said her time there was to deal with depression issues she had been struggling with. Ironically Dunst was able to use these personal experiences for a role in Melancholia which made her “the center of attention at the Cannes Film Festival”.

How Celebrities Stay Sober

Actor Martin Sheen told AARP Magazine that he works the AA program and credits his faith in Catholicism to staying sober for so many years. At one time Robert Downy Jr. could have been the poster child for celebrity addiction but it seems he has finally kicked the habit and he credits plenty of yoga, Kung Fu, and the support of his wife for keeping him straight. The types of methods that celebrities will encounter in these treatment facilities include the 12 step programs, care from medical professionals, private counseling and behavior modification, and other treatment that targets the brain imbalance of the addict.

Information about Addiction

According to Intercept Interventions although the US is only about 5% of the world’s population, two-thirds of illegal drugs are consumed here. Between 1995-2005 treatment admissions for addictions to pain killers went up more than 300%. Within the US, 1 in 4 children under 18 are exposed addiction in the family. If you or someone you know is struggling at all with addiction, you can go on sites like DrugRehab.org to find the right place to seek treatment.

With the US alone citing more than 100,000 deaths a year due to drug or alcohol dependence, it is clear that addiction is not something to mess with. Fortunately today there isn’t the stigma that used to be associated with rehabilitation. Now you can take the time to get the help you need with more support and understanding.


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‘Death Race 3’ actresses help drive the film

The lovely woman above is Michelle Van Schaik, a Dutch model who makes her movie debut in “Death Race 3: Inferno.” The Death Race franchise is based in large part on action, violence and explosions. With the third installment, there’s more room for beautiful actresses, and this should help drive success for this film being released directly to Blu-ray/DVD. Van Schaik has a great look and as you can see from this video interview she has a great presence about her as well. It will be interesting to see if she gets opportunities outside of South Africa.

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The Papparazzi: A Day In The Life

There are many kinds of photographers out there: there are nature lovers, wedding photographers, those who work for advertisements; and then there are the paparazzo photographers, the ones who stand out from the crowd. The paparazzi sure have a very interesting life too, just like the people they sprint after all day.

Today, many photographers are choosing the paparazzi over other careers in photography. Formally known as photojournalism, the job of being a paparazzo can have some negative connotations as well.

However, nobody can deny the fact that the world of celebrities is brimming with juice only because the paparazzi exists; how else would anyone manage to get those million-dollar celebrity shots? These people behind the lens surely have an interesting job; they have to chase the rich and famous, and get a shot that will sell.

Good photography colleges churn thousands of potential graduates each year, who venture into various fields of photography based on their interests. Some of these take the challenge of jumping onto the paparazzi bandwagon. The paparazzi hired by a magazine are usually expected to bring in their own equipment; high end cameras, tripods etc. But most expected from a paparazzo are a timely appearance, a perfect angle, and a scandal awaiting to be captured.

So why is it that the paparazzi end up being the media scapegoats? These photographers are despised for barging into private estates, capturing awkward moments, and selling someone’s personal affairs. Ever wondered how much of these allegations are true? The paparazzi are also a form of journalists, who head out to earn their bread and butter; and this is something most of us forget.

Photographers of a paparazzi squad are better off with camera equipment that can capture high definition photographs from a great distance. They also have to keep swapping between long range and short range cameras, based on the situation. Precise timing is required by the paparazzi in order to capture the best celebrity shots.

The job nevertheless is absolutely fascinating and out of the ordinary. Whether Lindsay Lohan has earned another DUI arrest, or Britney Spears has another shameful moment; these people have to be there. There are no specific limits for privacy defined for the paparazzi; why should they be answerable when someone else is embarrassing themselves in public?

Having said that, there are some photographers that break the code; the person who captured Kate Middleton sunbathing with her husband did not do a pleasant job. Peeking into private estates is not a great thing to do, especially when you can be sued by the British Royals.

The paparazzi are also harassed by the celebrities on occasions; these brave soldiers head out into the battlefield with their cameras to not only take pictures, but also to occasionally get attacked by a drunken celebrity.

Being paparazzi doesn’t always mean chasing the troubled A-listers; pictures of celebrities shopping and leaving salons sell equally well.

Celebrity photographer Henry Flores, who has also published a book on his profession, says that being a paparazzo is not an easy job. The industry is inundated with inexperienced and under qualified individuals; maybe it is time that more professional and qualified photographers become part of the paparazzi.


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Pirates of the Caribbean 5–> It’s On

A pirate’s life indeed.

With screenwriter Jeff Nathanson of “Catch Me if You Can” fame on board, Disney is officially proud to announce it’s intention to release a 5th installment to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Yes, that’s correct, they are now up to 5.

Johnny Depp will return to play the now infamous fictional pirate, Jack Sparrow, but other A-lister reprisals such as Kiera Knightley and Orlando Bloom are yet unknown.

The movie is set to release to theatre’s on July 10 2015. 


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Ivana Milicevic discusses ‘Seinfeld’ and ‘Friends’

Will Harris has an awesome interview with Ivana Milicevic on Bullz-Eye.com in connection with the premiere of her new Cinemax series, “Banshee.”

One of the more interesting parts of the interview has Ivana discussing her experience working on episodes of “Seinfeld” and “Friends.”

Well, as I say, “Seinfeld” was my first job, which is a really good first job to have, because…that was, I want to say, the second-to-last season of that show, and they were a tight-running ship. But they weren’t a tight-running ship like they were phoning it in. They were still, even at that point, constantly trying to keep the jokes fresh, even kicking them up a notch on the night you were shooting. They never got lazy. They never relaxed. Their work ethic was incredible, and it was really good to be a part of that, to see that. So all the shows I worked on after that, I was, like, “Oh, well, this show isn’t like ‘Seinfeld,’ so that’s why it isn’t as tight…or as good.’” [Laughs.]

The second runner up, though, would be “Friends.” They were also super-tight. Nothing like “Seinfeld,” but that’s because “Seinfeld” was its own crazy thing. So “Friends” was different, but it was still a really close second as far as how tight they were…and, y’know, look at the success of that show, too! You could be, “Ah, it’s comedy, it’s just a sitcom,” but you have no idea how hard people work on these things…and, believe me, I saw the difference between shows where they do work hard and shows where they don’t. So that was good. And, of course, it’s just amazing to have been on those iconic shows. I still make money from them…which is beautiful, because you know Mama needs a new pair of shoes.

Check out the entire interview linked above.


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