Who are you picks for the Oscars?

Oscar season is hear, so it’s not just sports fans who are looking at odds and making their picks. Of course the Super Bowl is all the rage this week with the New England Patriots and the New York Giants getting all the attention, but between that and March Madness, the biggest event for people who like to bet is probably The Academy Awards.

This year, the huge favorite is “The Artist” which definitely qualifies as a unique and extraordinary accomplishment. Who would think that a silent film would be generating all the Oscar buzz in the 21st Century?

If you do some research on the odds, this film is definitely a huge favorite, though “The Help” nabbed a big award last night, so perhaps you might see a long shot emerging as a real possibility as well.

Between the Oscars and thee Super Bowl, this is a huge season for betting and online games and office pools. People get into the mood to play and then it spills over to other games. People get the games fever and then go online to search for more action like bingo. To know more about the latest updates and offer on free bingo, visit super free bingo sites. People who got o Vegas to bet the Super Bowl definitely end up playing all the table games as well. And people who get geared up for their Oscar pool get the buzz for fantasy sports as well.

So do you research, and even if the Best Picture category seems locked up, all the other awards will be harder to predict.


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