I think with that title, you already know the outcome, but I’m going to recap last night’s “American Idol” results show anyway. Heck, at this stage, every elimination will be sort of shocking, because anyone left can win the whole thing.

The show began a Carole King medley that, well, I forwarded through. Then last season’s runner-up, Crystal Bowersox, sang her new single and it was decent but, to be honest, she would have no business being among this season’s Top 6.

Ryan Seacrest then started bringing the finalists to the center of the stage one by one. Haley Reinhart, safe. Scotty McCreery, go back to the chairs. Hmmm. Lauren Alaina, safe. Casey Abrams, back to chairs. James Durbin, safe. Jacob Lusk, back to the chairs. Of course, that meant Scotty, Casey and Jacob were the Bottom 3. So why did Seacrest not send them to the other side of the stage? Who knows? It was weird. They also had Jimmy Iovine weigh in on each performance the night before, which was kind of cool.

Then Bruno Mars performed his single about going back to sleep and/or doing nothing. I think all of us have wanted or want to have a day like that, don’t we?

Back to the results……Jacob Lusk, safe! So it was down to Casey and Scotty, and Scotty has never fallen this far. Would it be his time? Nope, it was Casey, who kind of sang a mildly unknown song on Wednesday that may have been his undoing. It was also funny to hear Jimmy say that Casey needs to stop his during-performance growling, because “the family dog doesn’t vote.” Classic. But I think Casey’s weirdness ultimately cost him, while most of the others have mass appeal.

So now what? I have to pat myself on the back somewhat, because I had pegged Lauren as someone who could win it all way back when, along with Steven Tyler. But I never would have thought Scotty or James would get this far, and either of them could win, especially James, who many might even see as the frontrunner now. Jacob and Haley will likely be the next to go, but any slip-up or bad song choice can spell doom for any of the five.

So that’s it…next week they each do two songs–one from today and one from the ’60’s. And J-Lo will perform next Thursday as will Lady Antebellum. See you then!