“Goldfinger” live

I think I might have mentioned here before that, after much struggle, I finally got my Blu-Ray/Home theater set-up working a couple of days ago. However, as of earlier today I had yet to actually watch a Blu-Ray video on it. My Bullz-Eye and Premium Hollywood compatriot, Ross Ruediger, suggested to me I inaugurate it by checking out the “Goldfinger” Blu-Ray. Even though that movie — which truly started the sixties spy craze and became the model for the modern action film (with a gigantic nod to “North by Northwest“) — isn’t his favorite of the series, he loved how the disc looked and it sold him on the format. Well, having looked at just a bit of “Raging Bull,” which I happened to snag a free copy, I’m almost frightened of the the resolution. “Goldfinger” might kill me.

You see, “Goldfinger” actually is my favorite Bond film, I’ll try to make a special and hopefully shaken vodka martini-soaked occasion of watching it on Blu-Ray, and I certainly think its theme song can’t be topped.

And so, below are two great live versions. Starting with Dame Shirley Bassey. I don’t know when this particular rendition was recorded but I never quite realized how sexy she is. Wow.

And here’s the man himself, composer, arranger, and conductor John Barry, in 2001 conducting an orchestral version of “Goldfinger,” that almost comes across like a lament or a torch song. Also he reclaims the Bond theme from that scalawag, Monty Norman. Nicely done, Sir Barry.



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