The perils of the information age

It used to be that screenwriters had to worry about questions like “why don’t they just go to the police?” or “why doesn’t he just tell her the truth?” Now, of course, “why they don’t just try Googling him?” is right up there. This bit of tomfoolery from College Humor — via /film — imagines the impact of easy web access on hits of the past.

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By the way, the College Humor guys got themselves into the movie news today via some apparent uncomfortable similarities between their “Inception” parody and one that recently appeared on “South Park.” It seems Matt Stone and Trey Parker needed to closely mimic the film’s dialogue and weren’t actually able to see the movie again or get a hold of a screener, so they relied on online parodies to remind themselves of the actual dialogue from the film, accidentally copying the parody dialogue instead. The pair have apologized to College Humor, which is fair enough. Shortcuts have hazards, however.


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