Okay, actually it wouldn’t have been called anything because Joaquin Phoenix might well be dead or at least in no shape to engage in elaborate hoaxes/performance art like “I’m Still Here.”

I’ve long known the remarkable only-in-L.A. tale of how world-class auteur/raconteur Werner Herzog, the actual most interesting man in the world, helped Phoenix on a windy canyon road above Sunset Blvd. However, until I saw what’s below, I’ve never heard it from Herzog’s own lips and I’ve never seen it animated. Therefore, my thanks to Roger Ebert and filmmaker Sascha Ciezata for the video below.

I’m not sure if I remember the bit about the cigarette, which is pretty crucial if you think about it. It wasn’t included in the early accounts from Phoenix. It’s also worth noting that while it’s funnier to imagine this happening with the bloated, bearded faux rapper Phoenix, this was actually back in 2006, long before he sported that look. Also, does Herzog really drive a VW Bug?