Women in prison, blogger on cable, DVRs on stun

It’s plugging and self-aggrandizement time here at Premium Hollywood as I alert friend and foe alike that Cody Jarrett’s electrifying tale of injustice, exploitation, gratuitous sex, violence, and even more gratuitous revenge in seventies Florida, Sugar Boxx, premieres on Showtime tonight/tomorrow.

The film features true legends of exploitation cinema Tura Satana, Kitten Natividad, and director Jack Hill, not to mention the beauteous Genevieve Anderson and The’la “Rain” Brown. To whet your cinematic appetite, below is a NSFW trailer featuring my rather SFW presence right towards to end, because you all want to know what a blogger pretending to be a corrupt seventies corporate/political flunkie looks like when gawking at a stripper.

“Sugar Boxx” will show at the auspicious hour of 3:10 a.m tonight/tomorrow (9/16/10) on both coasts.  If you miss this one — or we’ve gotten the time wrong — check your local listings for later showings.


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