Regular readers will know that, between by phobia of extreme gore and trepidation/complete lack of interest regarding the idea of watching torture scenes lasting for more than a few minutes, I’m not only not a booster of the “Saw” franchise, I’ve never seen any of the films. I understand, however, that the first one might not be saw bad and there may be some cleverness in some of the other earlier entrees despite burying ticking timebombs in people’s eyeballs and other concepts I really don’t wish to see cinematically explored.

Even so, when I got an e-mail from what I guess is a Lionsgate contracted PR firm this morning boasting of a “New SAW 3D motion poster in heart pounding 3D!” I had to take a look — I mean 3D in 3D…that must be, you know like 6D…or possibly 9D. Well, let’s take a look.

Okay, it’s probably not true 3-D at all and I’m sure I must have seen something like this before, but a nice effect and, hey, no glasses to give me a slight headache or darken the image. Neato-keeno, as the other first and second graders used to say. However, isn’t it a rule, first developed by “Jaws 3D” that any movie with “3D” in the title has to be the third film in the series, and haven’t there already been about 75 “Saw” movies?