Talking about “Scott Pilgrim” shortly before Comic-Con with someone I know whose work straddles the world of comic books and show biz and who I think has a very good understanding of both mediums, the person commented that the trailer for Edgar Wright’s highly anticipated film version really captured the comic book it’s based on in some rather specific ways.

I was slightly surprised. Wasn’t Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book manga-style and aren’t actors like Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead blessed with normal sized heads and eyeballs? Isn’t the book in black and white and the movie in rather vivid color?

I was surprised but also being semi-facetiously silly and superficial, there’s obviously a lot more to visuals than color and the shape of people’s eyeballs and heads. Now, here to prove that point is this very nice reconstruction of the trailer using panels from O’Malley’s comics together with audio from the trailer.

H/t /Film.