Hell’s Kitchen: rush rush rush

I say “rush rush rush” because we are already at the season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” on Fox. All those two-hour episodes caught up to them, probably on purpose. But seriously, this season began in early June with like 17 contestants! Anyway, here we are, as last night Gordon Ramsay cut his candidates for the London Savoy gig down from four to two.

The episode began with Ramsay having one of his sous chefs call up to the dorms to have the contestants come down first thing in the morning, but asked them to dress nicely. They all did except for Jay, who wore jeans and a black shirt. Ramsay said he looked like a sack of potatoes, especially next to Ben, who wore a jacket and tie. Anyway, Ramsay brought the Savoy to Hell’s Kitchen, serving them a dish that is served in London–but of course, there was a challenge attached. They had to re-create the dish in 45 minutes. Holli, Ben and Autumn made venison but Jay used flank steak. Holli, Ben and Autumn made it on apple puree but Jay made his on pear puree. Jay was correct on that but wrong on the protein, which was venison. So Ramsay ruled him out and declared that Holli and Ben had the two best dishes…and that Holli had the better dish. Ben of course thought his dish was better and wouldn’t shut up about it.

So Holli’s prize was to spend the day on a yacht, but to her surprise her son and baby daddy were there waiting for her! When she got back, Ben was even more pissed that he had lost and didn’t get to spend the say with his family. Also, Jay, Ben and Autumn had to do kitchen and dorm maintenance, including some heavy lifting. Ben wound up throwing out his back and needed to call on a chiropractor to come in and help him. Meanwhile, he said he couldn’t do any prep work and then said he was quitting the show. Say what??? He went into Ramsay’s office and Ramsay of course convinced Ben to stay. That infuriated the other three finalists, because A) Ben didn’t help with prep and B) he had told them he was quitting.

So the four chefs each took turns at the pass, and as always, Ramsay had a few quality control tests in place. Jay passed his with flying colors but Holli, Ben and Autumn were tricked for various things. They all did pretty good overall playing Ramsay though, and the dinner service turned out decent.

But now Ramsay had to make a decision…or, he said that the four finalists would have to come up with a consensus for who would be going home. Nah……he wouldn’t let them decide, would he? Of course not. He asked them to each step forward and state their case as to why they should reach the finale. Then he sent Autumn home first.

So it was down to Ben, Holli and Jay. The first one in the finale…..Jay!
The next one in…Holli! Ben was going home….and of course looked pissed. But it was the right call….as was Autumn. So now, it’s between Holli and Jay, just as the producers would like it to be. They have a little love affair going on, and now they will be going head to head against each other for that dream job in London. How fitting, eh? Seriously, this is going to be the most interesting HK finale that I can remember. As for who will win? I’m going with Holli….she is the most consistent and seems to be a slightly better chef than Jay.

What do you think? Either way, this season will be over really really soon. And Season 8 will begin next month. Seriously, Fox? Yep. Thanks for reading and see you all next week!


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