Another in my new occasional series in which I juxtapose the anti-humorous with the actually funny — though sometimes it’s arguably a relative matter.

From the same team who brought out most of the unloved yet apparently consistently profitable and, as far as I’ve been able to bring myself to watch them, utterly unfunny parody films of the last several years — no need to name them here — comes another lousy looking laugh-free trailer with a title that sounds like a less-than-brilliant seven year-old came up with it: “Vampires Suck.” Once again, the kings of the obvious, they’re going after the “Twilight” films. See for yourself, if you must (via a properly regretful Brad Brevet).

Here’s the thing, it’s not enough to simply recapitulate the actual films and simply add an obvious exaggeration of what’s actually going on or combine it with some other randomly selected film from a different genre. Comedy is not easy to explain, but you’d think any professional would know it’s not that simple. Fortunately, some “Twilight” spoofers do and, after the jump, you can see two reasonably clever and funny twists on the franchise.

For those of us who are ever suspicious of guys using the old “I’m a tortured, brooding, vampire” come-on.

And here’s an exceedingly silly but nevertheless mirth-inducing one via Kyle Buchanan at Movieline.