Stanley Kubrick vs. Martin Scorsese — it’s a bloody battle

This hypnotic video mash-up of the two titans of the last cinematic half-century reminds us that the art thing can be a bloody business and it’s probably best not to watch this in front of the kids or your vegan coworkers. I’ve seen almost all of these movies, most of them more than once or several times, and it even surprised me how vicious some of those moments can be. They can be pretty beautiful, of course. There’s also a spoiler for “The Departed” lurking in there for those who haven’t seen it yet.

As to who “wins,” that’s clearly not the intention of Leandro Copperfield (if that really is his name). It’s like a battle between fire and ice; which would win that battle?

Kubrick vs Scorsese from Leandro Copperfield on Vimeo.

H/t…actually, I lost my link with where I first saw this. It’s been making the blogs for several days now.


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