Just in case you thought I was kidding…

….in my last post about pretty much guaranteeing you more entertainment from just about any of the film Jackie Chan made in his eighties and nineties prime than from either of this week’s two major releases, I bring you two absolutely awesome — as in awe-inspiring — clips. The first is “Drunken Master 2” aka “The Legend of the Drunken Master. ” If memory serves at all, it’s a better film than the original “Drunken Master” and you should have no worries seeing it first.

Even though the clip above is dubbed, I strongly recommend that you watch all Hong Kong films in the original language. The acting is quite good for the most part in the better films, and the Cantonese-to-English dubbing always makes a hash of the performances.

And now a scene from the Jackie Chan movie that gave me the most pure fun, “Project A, Part II.” Once again, I and most others think this a better movie than the original “Project A” and it’s not at all necessary to see it first.

In all fairness to “The Karate Kid” it’s hard to imagine anything remotely like this in any American film you’re likely to see. Agreed?


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