The Biggest Loser: karma works in weird ways

Last night’s episode of “The Biggest Loser” showed the workings of karma, but not the way you would think. It started out with Alison Sweeney giving the contestants a pop challenge, in which they had to balance a tray of quarters with one hand, and for each quarter they would get 10 bucks. The person still holding their tray won that amount of quarters times 10. They all showed that it was much harder than it looked, and after a grueling 45 minutes, Michael won the challenge and with 100 quarters won $1000. Total cereal, the sponsor, doubled that money and also gave runner-up Sunshine $650 for having 65 quarters on the tray. Then CNBC’s Suze Orman, a financial whiz, tutored the contestants on how financial health parallels physical health in many ways. She said how she predicted Danny to win last season and that this season she was predicting Sunshine to win. Then Danny made an appearance and worked out with everyone, and he looks great still!

Then after watching Jillian beat the crap out of Vicky in the gym, it was time for the main challenge, and it was pouring rain outside. They had to run up a muddy , rain soaked hill and pluck keys off of a string of balloons, and two of the keys would start two brand new cars. Whoever found those keys took home the cars! Wow. After a lot of mud, sweat and rain, Drea won the first car. Then O’Neal won the second car but of course gave the car to his daughter Sunshine.

After fast-forwarding rapidly through the last chance workout and all the heart-to-heart talks between trainers and contestants, it was time for the weigh in. Sunshine went first and lost 3 pounds, about half of what she expected. Koli lost 6, Daris 7, Michael 9, and Ashley 6. Vicky lost 5 and O’Neal 5. Then Drea lost 3, putting her and Sunshine below the yellow line. But wait, there’s more, and it’s Sam. Sam lost ZERO this week, putting he and Drea below the line, and keeping Suze Orman’s prediction safe for one week.

So it was down to Sam and Drea. Drea has been getting annoying lately, and I’m not sure I can pinpoint why. Meanwhile, I think they all love Sam, so this was a semi-obvious choice.

Sunshine chose Drea and Ashley chose Sam. Then Vicky, Koli and Michael all chose Drea, and that was it. So Drea went home to Michigan and she is now studying to be a personal trainer herself. Good for her! Oh, and about that karma. I was just thinking that either O’Neal or Drea would be going home after winning the car. Just a thought….

So we’re down to 8 contestants and inching closer to the final 4. Who do you like? It’s hard not to like Michael’s chances at this point…he seems to be hitting his stride at the right time. Okay, thanks for reading and see you all next week!


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