After back-to-back weeks of great episodes, tonight’s Hurley-centric story was a bit dull in comparison, but it did have a few WTF moments that definitely made up for some of the slower sections. I mean, did anyone even see that death coming? It was straight out of a “Final Destination” movie. One minute, Ilana is lecturing Hurley about how she’s been training her whole life to serve as Jacob’s bodyguard (all while Hurley warns her to be careful with the unstable dynamite), and the next minute, kablooey! And with Ilana out of the way, it makes it a lot easier for Hurley to plan his next move: blowing up the Black Rock (and all the dynamite inside it) by order of Michael’s ghost. On a related note, I love how Michael has literally been relegated to a whisper.

Richard didn’t seem all that happy with Hurley’s decision to suddenly take a stand, but after he realizes that there still might be explosives at the Dharma camp, he leaves determined to blow up the plane. Of course, that only begs the question, if there were still other explosives on the island, why the hell did they try using the dynamite with a history of blowing up prematurely? It’s about as nonsensical as Hurley’s decision to meet up with the rest of the Losties so he can have a chat with Smokey. Jack, Sun and Lapidus also tag along, but aren’t they just playing into Smokey’s hands by walking right into his camp? Granted, he can’t harm the three of them since they’re candidates, but I’d hate to see Hurley go through all that trouble only to get Lapidus shot. Then again, they’re going to need someone to operate that plane when they leave the island, so I think it’s safe to say that Lapidus doesn’t have to start looking over his shoulder just yet.


Plus, Smokey has far more important things to worry about right now, like Desmond. Though he tells the truth for the most part when Smokey interrogates him, I don’t think he was able to completely fool him into thinking he didn’t know why he was there. After all, he even admitted that he was well-informed about his immunity to the electromagnetism coursing through the island, and I don’t think Smokey is willing to take any chances with a wild card like him. His solution? Toss him down a well. Of course, that’s hardly going to stop Desmond, who’s already following through with a plan of his own back on Earth-2.

While most of the Earth-2 story was dedicated to Hurley’s reconnection with Libby, (a sweet subplot that finally saw the two characters going on their big date while also progressing the concept behind the merging realities), it was Desmond’s brief appearance that made it so memorable. After watching their reunion from a distance, I couldn’t help but feel like Desmond was fast becoming the new Jacob of the “Lost” universe. He obviously has a vested interest in getting the Losties to realize the connection they have with one another, and I think he’s using that in order to convince them to make the best of their lives in this reality. In order to do so, however, he might need to hurt a few people in the process – like, say, running over John Locke with his car.

It sucks to think that Locke might not get his happy ending, but considering that he already had to sacrifice himself once, he may need to do it again. I think Desmond understands the connection between the two realities, and in order to prevent Smokey from getting off the island and wreaking havoc on the world, he needs to kill Locke from Earth-2 as well. It’s just a theory, but with only a few more episodes before the series finale, it’s becoming painfully obvious that the two realities have a connection for a reason. Then again, maybe Desmond was just having a case of the Mondays.