Moments with Gene (and Roger) #1 (updated)

Movie critics don’t get remembered the same way movie-makers or movie stars get remembered, but it helps to be a television star. Today happens the be the death anniversary of the extremely sad and untimely death at age 53 of the long-time critic for the Chicago Tribune, Gene Siskel. His TV partner and competitor-turned-very-close-friend, Roger Ebert, has a moving tribute posted.

Inspired by that, I thought it would be kind of nice, and also fun, to post a few Siskel-heavy moments from the heyday of Siskel & Ebert. One thing’s for sure, they weren’t called Siskbert because they always agreed…

I’m definitely with Gene on that one.

And now a couple of more agreeable moments that show what a penetrating and thoughtful film lover Siskel could be. Here is Gene on one of his favorite movies.

And Roger and Gene praise one of Woody Allen’s greatest films.

UPDATE: I’ve posted more great moments with Mr. Siskel and Mr. Ebert above.

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