EXCLUSIVE: Warren the Ape speaks with Premium Hollywood!

Although my interview with “Greg the Bunny” creators Sean S. Baker, Spencer Chinoy and Dan Milano will be appearing on Bullz-Eye at a future juncture, I was able to get a few minutes with the star of their new MTV “reality” series, “Warren the Ape.”

I’d clearly won over Warren earlier in the day, when I asked him during the TCA panel for the series if his ex-wife Maggie would feature in the series (“You really know your stuff, I appreciate that”), and my question apparently had the same effect on Milano as well, who said that it was a perfect way of showing MTV that there really are people out there who remember their earlier series. While I hope to be able to speak with Warren further at a later date, I hope you’ll enjoy these two brief one-on-one moments that I shared with him for the time being.

First up, Warren picks his favorite addiction and discusses the status of his screenplay:

Then, Warren talks about a possible reissue of a classic album and reveals his hopes and expectations for his new series:


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