Putting aside the fact that I find it pretty hard to believe that the Sons would be granted bail so easily, it’s nice to see SAMCRO out of prison and back to doing what they do best – namely, getting into trouble. The mood in the clubhouse is pretty low following the brawl between Clay and Jax, but Bobby urges that if they’re going to get through it, the rest of the guys will have to help hold things together.

They’ve only been away for a day, but the first thing on Clay’s to-do list is to personally thank Elliot for the bail money. Of course, Elliot plans to make the most of his investment by asking for Clay’s help in running against Jacob Hale for mayor. He’d probably make a good mayor too were it not for the fact that he’s only going to get in deeper with the Sons. It doesn’t sound like a very big favor considering the money he put up for their release, so it seems strange that Clay would make a request of his own. Still, you have to admire his willingness to return the one piece of leverage he had – the knife he used to kill the rapist – as a sign of good faith.


After dealing with Elliot, Clay teams up with Tig to see Henry Lin about selling some guns, but with their IRA contact now in business with LOAN, they decide to hijack the shipment meant for Zobelle and turn around and sell it to the Chinese. They show up in time to snatch the guns from AJ Weston, but when backup arrives and a shootout ensues, they’re forced to leave them behind. That doesn’t stop Clay from trying to snatch a few, though, and if it weren’t for Half-Sack stepping in to save him, he’d probably be dead. Curiously, Tig didn’t do a damn thing, despite confirming to Clay that he could count on him just minutes before. Clay is obviously starting to doubt Tig after he prevented Henry Lin from killing Chucky the Masturbating Accountant (who’s already been mutilated so that he can’t play with himself anymore), but I’m not quite sure why Tig is starting to act this way. Whatever the cause, they lost to guns to Zobelle, who in turn gave them to the Mayans for free. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that a bit hypocritical of him? I mean, I’m sure he plans on using the Mayans to take out the Sons, and then turn on them when it’s beneficial to him, but even a false relationship is still a relationship.

While Clay and Tig take care of the guns, Jax, Opie and Bobby head over to Luanne’s studio to investigate a break-in. Not only was an HD camera and a laptop stolen, but they also killed the guard dog, which is totally uncool. Jax’s first instinct is that Georgie has struck again, so they pay a visit to him at his office to get the equipment back and serve up a little revenge. Georgie is clearly someone not to be messed with, though, because he fires right back by beating Luanne to death with a baseball bat. Obviously, there’s someone much bigger (and badder) financing Georgie’s porn studio, because there’s no way that he’s the one behind this.

Still, that counts as a big loss for Team SAMCRO, because Luanne was not only family, but her business has been the club’s main source of income ever since ATF arrived in town. Gemma’s potluck dinner was a nice attempt at bandaging all the wounds, but just like Jax’s preface to the event (“Jesus Christ, here we go. Dinner with mom.”), the meal wasn’t exactly a smash hit. There was definitely some smashing involved, but the club has clearly seen better days. Jax and Clay are at each other’s throats. Tara is pissed at Gemma for getting her in trouble at work. Heck, even Tig and Bobby are fighting for some reason. There was some good news in tonight’s episode with Chibbs showing a little improvement at the hospital, but the way Gemma reacted when she noticed that his wife Fiona was visiting, it can’t be a good sign of things to come.