Another trailer from the year when, all of a sudden, major filmmakers around the world started to go where almost no one had gone before cinematically.

Georges Franju’s haunting “Eyes Without a Face” certainly doesn’t rely on graphic horror. However, it’s highly clinical skin grafting scene reportedly terrified audiences and — full disclosure — caused me to look at the New Beverly’s historic floor for the entire length of the scene. (I did the same thing for half an hour when they showed my class the notorious “Red Asphalt” in school.)

Still, that scene would I’m sure be tame by today’s standards¬† as it managed to pass through the censorship of the day. True, it wasn’t a major worldwide hit — in the U.S., it was retitled and sent out in 1962 on the bottom of a double bill with a low-budget U.S-Japanese horror programmer, “The Manster.” Still, you can’t keep a great film down forever. It stands for me as one of the most intense experiences I’ve ever had in a movie theater not just because the movie is so terribly creepy, but also because it’s so terribly sad.