The Biggest Loser: fighting to stay on campus

On NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” last night, the episode began with everyone (well mostly Shay) telling Tracy they didn’t trust her anymore. Tracy had told Shay she wouldn’t call her name to represent the orange team at the weigh in, but she went back on her word. Shay just wanted Tracy to admit that, but Tracy kept back-pedaling, making Shay and everyone in the house dislike her even more. Then, in a show of karma, Tracy met with Dr. H., who told her that she still could not participate in any workouts, not even walking, because of her strange muscle disorder that was causing her danger to her kidneys. Yikes. This had her teammate Coach Mo worried to say the least. Then trainer Bob Harper was telling a bunch of them that they should all fight to stay on campus, and not sacrifice for others the way the red team did last week.

Then came the next curveball. The kitchen would be locked up and off limits, meaning the contestants were going to order in every meal all week. This was a big test because they are all still learning how to eat right, and they were going to have less control over their meals but still needed to watch their calorie intake.

Host Alison Sweeney then pulled a pop challenge out. Each team would be shown three chicken meals cooked differently and with different side items, and they had to guess which one was the healthiest. The winning team would get a year’s worth of healthy groceries, a huge prize. It came down to pink, orange and brown who all guessed the correct dish. The tiebreaker was to guess the total calories in that meal without going over, and the pink team of Amanda and Rebecca won.

Then they showed them all ordering their dinners and having a tough time of it. We all know that feeling of not getting the right order upon arriving home, and this was magnified in the case of these contestants, and probably intentionally so for effect. Trainers Bob and Jillian then took the group out to a Mexican restaurant, a real test for them among tortillas and cheese and fried everything.

After this was the main challenge, in which each contestant (minus Abby and Tracy because of injury) had to hang on to handle bars while being suspended above a pool. They fell off in this order–Liz, Danny, Amanda, Rudy, Rebecca, Dina, Mo, Shay and Julio. That left firefighter Allen and last year’s returnee Danny. Dan won and his prize was immunity for both he and his teammate Shay.

During the last chance workout, Mo’s back gave out but he forged ahead after a pep talk from Bob. At the weigh in, Dan and Shay went first and Dan lost 0 pounds while Shay lost 5. Alison said “good strategy, Dan,” to which Dan said that it wasn’t intentional. Yeah, okay…you have immunity….no one believes you, dude. Green was next, with Abby and Allen losing 10 pounds, then the blue team of Rudy and Dina lost 16 (11 by Rudy). Liz and Danny lost 11, putting them in danger of elimination. Tracy and Mo lost 4 and 8, respectively, and you just have to wonder what the hell Tracy did to lose 4 pounds. Starve? Julio, the only member of his team, lost 4 pounds and also was in danger. Amanda and Rebecca went last and lost 9 pounds, which made them safe. Amanda went off again about America voting her in, and I’m just sick of hearing this….Amanda, it was filler for the finale last season, and America voted you in over one other person….get over yourself!

Anyway, it came down to the brown team of Liz and Danny, or Julio. At first Mrs. Mike and I thought it might be Julio because they would all want to vote off one person as opposed two. But some of them said a better strategy might be to send two people home. The votes began and when Julio received his third vote (after agonizing banter and crying), he was sent home.

They showed Julio, who started at 407 pounds, now weighing 299, so he’s lost 108! Nice job, dude. He also wants to lose 200 pounds total, so he has a ways to go.

So with Tracy still hanging around and gameplay beginning to rear its ugly head as it always does, the season moves on. I’m starting to think Dan could go all the way, because he’s been here before and knows what it takes, and he’s really determined.

What do you all think?


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