We haven’t seen much of John Teller’s transcript since Piney gave Jax his copy at the end of last year, but you’d be kidding yourself if you didn’t think it still played an important part in the overarching story of the season. In fact, even though Jax now has a nice leather-bound copy, he still goes searching for the one he nearly burned to a crisp, only to discover the box it was hidden in missing from his garage. When he asks Gemma about its whereabouts, she simply shrugs it off as something she threw away when making room for the baby, even though both of them know that’s not the truth. That can’t make Jax feel any better about the situation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he begins looking into his father’s death now that he knows what Clay is capable of.

Of course, Gemma has more important things to worry about for the time being. After getting into a foot chase with the lady that kidnapped her while out shopping, Gemma accidentally clocks Tara in the face when she approaches her from behind. When Tara suggests that her jumpy nerves are a result of not telling anyone about the rape, and even recommends a therapist that might help, Gemma accepts the offer, only to walk away right before her appointment begins. I’m not sure why she’s so hesitant to tell anyone about the incident, because someone’s bound to find out eventually, and it will probably be Tara or Wayne who finally squeal.


Case in point: Wayne has already told David about the attack. Granted, it was a necessary move on his part, because David was ever so close to cooperating with Ethan. Heck, he was even given all the evidence needed to prosecute the Sons for blowing up the meth lab, not to mention his own blackmail video of him accepting a bribe from Darby. After Wayne explains that it was exactly his by-the-books approach to lawmaking that convinced him he was the right person to take over, however, David quickly decided to make things right. Along with giving Jax and Clay the DVD that incriminates Opie for his part in the explosion, he also helps them prevent his older brother, Jacob, from buying up some cheap land with the help of LOAN. I don’t think that means the Sons can look forward to working with David when he finally becomes Chief, but they can at least expect him to stay out of their way while they take care of Ethan Zobelle.

Obviously, the reason they were even in prison in the first place is because of a little street fight that went down right in front of the freaking sheriff’s office. It was exactly the kind of payback Clay was hoping for after Otto was ruthlessly attacked in prison by the Arians, losing his one good eye in the process. Jax, on the other hand, is of the mind that they shouldn’t be seeking retaliation in the short term because Ethan and his gang of Neo-Nazis are smarter than the average gangsters. But when he tries to stop a brawl in the middle of the street, AJ provokes him into throwing the first punch by knocking his bike over. That still doesn’t change his view on how they should retaliate, and after the issue is taken up with the rest of the club, Jax just barely wins thanks to a surprise vote from Bobby.

Somehow, I don’t think that decision is going to stick after Chibs is nearly blown up in a van that was planted at the auto shop by LOAN. At least he was smart enough to recognize the clicking noise when he turned the ignition, but even though he got out of the car in time, Chibs was still knocked unconscious by the explosion. The last thing I’d want is for such a colorful character to bite the dust so early in the series, but with the midway point of the season already approaching, it’s an event that will no doubt fuel the impending war between LOAN and the Sons of Anarchy.