The Biggest Loser: evil gameplay returns

If you watch NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” regularly, you know that a few seasons ago, Vicky and Brady — well, mostly Vicky — were doing all they could to win the game, at times with no regard for teammates and housemates. It was all gameplay all the time. Last season big Ron did the same thing while appearing to be the gentle father figure. Well, the new season has its game-player, and it’s Tracy from the purple team. Yeah, the same Tracy who started the season in a hospital because she couldn’t breathe on her own after jogging a mile. We’ll get into all that soon..but meanwhile, here is your recap….

The contestants began with a challenge from host Alison Sweeney. Each team was offered the chance for a 2 pound advantage at the weigh-in in exchange for giving up the right to train with Bob and Jillian. If no one jumped, Alison was going to raise the stakes a pound or two to tempt them. At first, no one did jump, but then Tracy did, saying she didn’t want anyone else to have the advantage. The problem is, Coach Mo did not agree with Tracy’s decision and couldn’t say anything until it was too late. He, as her teammate, had to go along with it. As you can imagine, Bob and Jillian were pissed off beyond belief.

Then they showed Abby, who had recent X-rays on her knee, with Dr. Huizenga. Abby had a micro-fracture, meaning she could only work out in the pool for a bit and had to really focus on diet…there was then the obligatory product placement with Yoplait Light yogurt (note to those of you who are not sponsors….I love regular Yoplait yogurt, but that light stuff that has fake sugar is positively disgusting…just my 2 cents!).

Then on to the next challenge, another temptation, and this time with cupcakes. Whoever ate the most cupcakes would have control at the weigh-in….meaning, that person would choose which contestant from each team of two would weigh in for their team, with the other teammate’s weight not counting this week. Only two contestants did this…Antoine, who ate two cupcakes, and, yep, you guessed it…Tracy, who ate four. Tracy had this switch go off in her head that this is a game and decided she needed that control too badly despite the consequences–which were, the trainers being pissed off, again, and everyone else in the house hating her. Coach Mo was, needless to say, frustrated and pissed, but not nearly as pissed as Jillian, who more or less told Tracy she had no interest in helping her anymore.

Anyway, the main challenge was a physical one, and the winner of the challenge would give their team immunity. They had to choose between lugging 10 pound weights a short distance or 25 pound weights a longer distance, and the person who put in the most weight the fastest would have their team color’s flag raised. Allen won for the green team, great news for Abby since she could not participate in this one.

On to the last chance workout, and Bob was harping on Dina while Bob was doing the same to Amanda. Then Danny as well as Amanda and Rebecca decided to butter up Tracy and try to sway her vote on who would weigh in for their respective teams. Danny wanted her to choose him and not Shay, because he knew Shay might have a bad week and feared for her being eliminated. Meanwhile, Amanda has struggled to lose weight thus far and wanted Tracy to choose Rebecca.

At the weigh in, Tracy said something about regretting her decisions, to which Jillian promptly replied: “Tracy, you are full of shit!” Awesome.

Anyway, here is how the weigh in went, and keep in mind the losing team would be sent home, not just one person. The green team lost nine pounds, Allen 4 and Abby 5, but they were immune this week. Julio, the only remaining black team member, lost 7 pounds. Brown went next, with Liz and Danny each losing 4…Tracy had chosen Liz to count, but it didn’t matter. Blue was next, and Tracy chose Rudy over Dina, and Rudy lost 12 pounds to Dina’s 3. Backfire-age! Up next, pink…Tracy chose Amanda against the teams’ wishes, and Amanda lost 5 pounds to Rebecca’s 7. Next was the red team, and Tracy chose Sean, who lost 6 pounds to Antoine’s 11. This put them below the yellow line. Danny and Shay of the orange team were next, and of course the evil gameplayer Tracy chose Shay, but both of them lost 6 pounds. Still, this put them below the yellow line as well. The only team left was purple, meaning Tracy and Coach Mo. Tracy, amazingly, lost 11 pounds and Coach Mo just one pound. How did Tracy do it? Diet pills? I mean, she couldn’t have done that legally with no trainer, could she? As you might suspect, nobody clapped or cheered for Tracy.

So it was the red team and the orange team, but Antonie and Sean decided to sacrifice themselves and asked for everyone to vote for them to keep Danny and Shay on the ranch–mainly because they felt they had strong support systems back home while Shay did not. And that’s how the vote went, unanimously.

Back home, Sean has lost a whopping 120 pounds, down from 444 to 324, and Antoine lost 105, down from 367 to 262. Wow! Not only that, but remember the first contestant to be eliminated, Alexandra? She lived near Antoine, so he looked her up and now they are an item, working out and losing weight together. How cool is that?

So now we’re down to 13 contestants, 12 of which are pissed off at Tracy and don’t trust her. This is going to get interesting, just like the producers want it to. See you all next week!


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