Basterds in Israel

I’ve been referring to the controversies swirling around “Inglourious Basterds” since this post from nearly one month back. And if you really want to dig in to all the pro-and-con back among the cinephile crowd, I refer you to the endlessly lengthy, endlessly intriguing discussions conducted by Dennis Cozzalio and Jim Emerson among others. And now, there’s more.

In fact, Dennis scooped me slightly on the video below without even watching it — correctly guessing that it would be worthwhile. It brings home, in a very direct way, the whole issue of whether or not Tarantino’s flirtations with black comedy and playful way with history is appropriate in light of the Holocaust. A big chunk of Israel’s population are descended from European refugees and survivors of Nazi persecution. Some of them actually are those refugees and survivors. If they can take this movie, the rest of us should have no problem.

This 34 minute video is literally shaky. (The person who posted it on Vimeo confessed to typing with one hand and holding the camera with the other.) But it’s riveting and entertaining stuff with, naturally, spoilers galore. Featured are Quentin Tarantino, polylingual newborn international star Christoph Waltz, and Tarantino’s longtime producer, Lawrence Bender. Guess who does most of the talking.

Quentin Tarantino press conference, Tel Aviv, Sept. 15 2009 from on Vimeo.

Big time, huge, mighty h/t to David Hudson of The Auteurs Daily for posting this on his amazing Twitter feed.


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