TCA Tour – You Asked For It: Ira Steven Behr’s opening remarks

I guess one person’s request doesn’t necessarily qualify as “clamoring,” but since it’s been requested, I thought I’d go ahead and offer up Mr. Behr’s opening remarks from the TCA Press Tour panel for Season 2 of “Crash.” Truth be told, it’s as educational a lesson about what to expect from the show’s sophomore season as one could possibly have hoped for…and if he’d just sent this off in an E-mail or letter to all of the writers in attendance rather than delivered it orally, he probably would’ve found a lot more people saying, “Say, I am curious to check out this show!”

Okay, here we go…

“Crash,” Season 2.


Los Angeles.

Okay, we’re in Pasadena, but pretend.

Los Angeles is paradise, but paradise comes at a price and everybody pays, and that’s the new season of “Crash.” So I’d like to introduce some of the new characters who will be paying that price this year along with the wonderful Dennis Hopper as Ben Cendars, Ross McCall as Kenny Battaglia, and Jocko Sims as Anthony.

We’ll start with Eric Roberts, who plays Seth Blanchard. Seth Blanchard is a billionaire. That means he has lots of money. He has $28 billion, which probably put him as the third- or fourth-richest man in the country. Seth believes he’s going to bring a football team to Los Angeles. Los Angeles has not been with a professional football team for many years. It’s about time we had one, but Seth is going to discover that football is not his destiny, and he will be bringing something else to Los Angeles. He is going to be thinking outside the box, you know, and usually when we use that cliche, we think outside the box means a new thought. So we can situate ourselves back in the box, but in a somewhat better position. But Seth is going to be thinking outside the box to take us all outside the box and to keep us there.

Then we have Linda Park playing Maggie Blanchard, Seth’s wife. And Maggie is married to a billionaire. It sounds good but we know better. She’s a talent in her own right with her children’s books, but Maggie has a couple of secrets of her own, and she’s going to be dragged by her husband out of their comfort zone and into a new world that they’re going to have to deal with. It’s exciting; it’s different, but not the easiest place to live when you live in a mansion that’s probably worth $30 million.

We also have Bo Olinville, who is played by Jake McLaughlin, who is sitting in the car at the opening montage watching the ball players and Bo is a young man in his 20s, who had a great, great career ahead of him. He was a talented high school pitcher, who blew out his arm way too young during a tryout with the Dodgers and now works in Hobbywood, the hobby shop run by his mother. So Bo’s horizons are quite limited, and like everyone who thinks they live in paradise, he’s going to try to make something of himself in a way that’s going to lead him into some very, very dark places, and eventually he will have a crash with the rest of our cast in a very surprising way.

Then we have Dana Ashbrook, who plays Jimmy, and Jimmy we will all recognize. We’ve all met Jimmys. Jimmy comes to Los Angeles — of course, Los Angeles is the place to come to reinvent yourself. Los Angeles is the city of dreams. It’s the city of tomorrow. So Jimmy is in Los Angeles to become something else. Unfortunately, he doesn’t quite have the skills to become that thing that he wants. So instead he’s the guy who’s always looking for the scam. He’s the guy who’s looking to con you. He’s the guy looking to make the quick buck, and he’s living with Inez played by Moran Atias, who was with us last season.

So these are the people that we have this year on “Crash.” Like I said, they’re here in a city that promises a lot. It doesn’t always deliver, delivers in ways that are surprising, in ways that change them and, in this season, gives them an opportunity to change us all.

Thank you.

Yeah, I know: you’re thinking, “This is great stuff! How could it have dragged as badly as you say it did?” All I can tell you is what I experienced. But, again, I’m still in for the second season of “Crash,” so no harm, no foul, Mr. Behr.


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