True Blood 2.7 – Her Lips Are Warm (While Yours Are Cold)

There are no two ways around it: last night was a very strange night.

I’ll post more details about it later, but in a nutshell, the Television Critics Association Awards took place on Saturday, Aug. 1st, where “True Blood” was named Outstanding New Program. As with all good awards shows, there was a pre-show party and a post-show party, and although neither Anna Paquin nor Stephen Moyer were available to stand with executive producer Alan Ball as he accepted the award, several of their fellow cast members were in attendance, including Sam Trammell, Nelsan Ellis, Rutina Wesley, and Michelle Forbes. Actually, Alexander Skarsgard and Deborah Ann Woll were there for awhile, too, but Mr. Skarsgard disappeared moments after the ceremony was over, and although Ms. Woll stuck around for a bit longer, she managed to slip out before I ever had the chance to speak with her. I hope you’ll enjoy the photos of the folks I did manage to chat with, though. They’re scattered throughout this week’s entry.

Speaking of that, I should probably offer one small warning: I’m out in L.A. for the TCA press tour, and although I had an advance copy of tonight’s episode to watch, I’ll be the first to admit that my mind was going a dozen other places while I was watching it. So if I missed out on anything or perhaps misinterpreted something, let me go ahead and apologize right now.

And, now, on with the show…

Well, obviously, we knew Sam was going to find a way to escape from his captivity, but they managed to wring the suspense out of it nonetheless; we even saw him manage to transform into something other than a dog – a significant accomplishment, I dare say – and fly away to safety. From there, Sammy got his gun and made it quite clear that he wasn’t afraid to use it, but…am I the only one who thought he was heading off to find Maryann? Not that it didn’t make sense that he’d go after Daphne, given that she’d committed such a personal betrayal, but I was still figuring that he was heading to take down the big dog. Daphne managed to stay pretty cool for somebody who was having a gun waved in her face, but Sam was plenty emotional for the both of them. How could you not feel bad for the guy? He thought he’d found his soulmate. Instead, he got stabbed in the back…which is why there was a certain temptation to cheer a short while later, when Daphne got stabbed in the front. Not that you didn’t know it was coming. I think we can all agree that there has rarely been a scene featuring the line “thank you for your service” which has ever ended well for the person being thanked. As far as Maryann, she’s clearly not God, but…what is she? A maenad? Well, I can’t say as I expected Greek mythology to tie into this storyline, but it’s certainly getting more intriguing all the time, that’s for sure.

That was a nasty break for Detective Andy, huh? I knew Cousin Terry was gonna hear about that move once Andy had gotten the appropriate medical treatment. (Thanks, Kayla, for clarifying the relationship between Andy and Terry for me.) As usual, you couldn’t help but feel bad for the poor bastard when he was talking to the sheriff and trying to explain everything that he’d seen. Given his lack of credibility, he didn’t really have any option beyond blowing into Merlotte’s and demanding to see his cousin in order to score some payback, but it actually turned out to be a good maneuver, given that his rantings instilled further suspicion in Tara about what had happened to her at the party. (She’d already been really uncertain about why in the hell she blacked out, despite Eggs assuring her not to worry about it.)

Bill spent the entire episode trying to escape from Lorena’s clutches and rescue Sookie, a situation which resulted in another flashback, this time to Los Angeles, 1935. But this is a kinder, gentler Bill than we saw in the 1920s, no longer prepared to indulge his maker’s whims by feeding willy-nilly on innocent victims. At first, I was, like, “What the hell happened during those nine years?” As it turns out, it was just a cumulative effect of trying and failing to feel the same thing for Lorena that she felt for him. (I liked his present-day use of the phrase “pure nihilism” to describe his state of mind.) Lorena’s reaction when she realized that he truly did love Sookie almost made you feel bad for her: “This human has accomplished in a few weeks what I couldn’t successfully achieve over the span of decades.” Yeah, I expect that would sting a bit…which is no doubt why she chose to kick the poor bastard while he was down and casually mention her connection to Erik.

Erik, by the way, is once again barely in this week’s episode, but like last time, his brief appearances are important. It was pretty funny to see him watching the hapless morons from the Fellowship of the Sun attempt to skulk, then quizzing Isabel about what she sees in humans while denying any feelings for Sookie. Lies! All lies! His other scene was shorter, but it contained his greatest moment of the week. The look in his eyes when Stan said, “And you…”? It was downright chilling.

Sookie, of course, has been stuck chilling in the basement with her claustrophobic partner, Hugo, who also turns out to be the traitor…which makes sense, though I hadn’t actually considered the possibility that he was the guilty party. Meanwhile, her brother first has to deal with a nasty case of post-coital regret (who knew that Sarah would be so clingy?), then with the fact that Rev. Steve has discovered that he’s Sookie’s sibling. Once again, “True Blood” successfully maintained its ongoing tradition of not going with the obvious plot development – having Jason mistakenly think that he was busted for his sexual indiscretions and blurt out that he slept with Sarah – but still maintain the tension over the possibility that he might do that. I’m sure that whatever damage Sarah has done to him isn’t permanent, but I’m sure he ain’t gonna feel so hot when he wakes up.

A few random comments: The best part of Jessica’s sequences, apart from just the general sweetness of it all, was the unabashed “American Beauty” callback with the rose pedals. The bit with Maryanne wandering in from the great outdoors with dirty feet and a dead bunny was surreal. I can’t believe I actually laughed at a scene which was about possible date rape, but Arlene’s concern about what she might’ve done to Terry was hilarious.

5 best lines of the night:

5. “Feeling sorry for things is just an excuse to not celebrate your own happiness!” – Maryann
4. “No, that’s the best I can do, dick brain.” – Jason
3. “Wanna get wet with me one last time, Sammy?” – Daphne
2. “Fuck you, zombie woman!” – Detective Andy
1. “Godric…?” – Sookie

Actually, I guess the utterance of a single name isn’t really much of a quote, but it sure was a hell of a last line, especially I think we all figured that it’d be either Bill or Erik who’d be coming to her rescue. Once again, “True Blood” comes through with another cliffhanger that has us chomping at the bit for next week. Anyone got any theories about where Godric’s been?


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