It seems like many viewers of “The Next Food Network Star” were up in arms about Debbie Lee because of several questionable tactics and comments she made during more than one episode. They were letting judge and network exec Bob Tuschman know how they felt in responding on his blog last week. Well, Debbie was eliminated this past Sunday, leaving Melissa D’Arabian and Jeffrey Saad to battle it out for the crown. Was Debbie singled out for previous missteps? Good question, but we think so, and we think she had it coming either way.

Anyway, we had the chance to ask Debbie about her experience on the show and on her future plans…..

Premium Hollywood: What do you think ultimately was the deciding factor in your being eliminated?

Debbie Lee: It’s hard to say. I would love to get inside the judge’s minds to figure out what they were thinking. I know it was a very hard decision, but I think ultimately with Melissa’s being a mom, Jeffrey’s consistency…it just was a tough decision.

PH: Do you plan to pursue your own cooking show regardless?

DL: Yes, I would love the opportunity. I would also love to do some books and have the opportunity to express my Korean-American background.

PH: Who do you think will win now, and why?

DL: That’s a tough one. Melissa is a mom, has the all-American skills, Jeffrey is a fascinating chef with an interesting background, he’s exciting to watch. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not a judge!

PH: What can you tell us about your new hot dog restaurant?

DL: The restaurant is going to be a hot dog concept that also integrates that comfort food with Southern spirit.