This morning started out movie-ish, as I arrived just a couple of minutes late for the annual “Master of the Web” panel devoted to online geek film blogging and reportage, this year featuring such occasional or frequent guest stars here as Devin Faraci of CHUD fame and ex-Moriarity Drew McWeeney, now of HitFix. After answering many of the usual questions — no, they don’t allow advertising to influence reviews, if you’re want to start a career writing about movies, expect years of hard unpaid labor, to be followed by severely under-paid harder labor, etc — the movie stars arrived.

Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington, pals in real life, will be reprising their winning hero/sidekick act from “Superman Returns” with a darker but comedic, action/supernatural edge in the upcoming “Dead of Night.” An adaptation of theĀ  “Dylan Dog” comics series from Italy’s Tiziano Sclavi. After some semi-rough clips from the upcoming film, Routh and Huntington were accompanied onto the very crowded podium by lovely co-star Anita Briem (“Journey to the Center of the Earth,” “The Tudors”), who had to put up with a question about a supposed liaison with Megan Fox. (I couldn’t find any links to back this one up. My apologies to pervs and gossip hounds alike.)

After responding that, no offense to the very attractive Ms. Fox, that the two had merely been at the same party and did not even get around to saying “hi” to each other. Sam Huntington responded with words to the effect that they were unable to say “hi” because they were too involved with making out. Big laughs ensued.

Yeah, not big news, but that’s what I’ve seen. Bruce Simmons has a more detailed play-by-play on the panel.


* Luke Y. Thompson notes a somewhat lower budget around the con. I don’t know because the crowds are so thick it’s nearly impossible to get to the places were the big elaborate booths are not.

* Speaking of Devin F., he notes fan factionalization as the “Twilight Fans” congregate.

* And, finally, though it has no direct relationship to movies in case any con attendees are actually reading this, it’s time to plug my the work of my cartoonist pal, Randy Reynaldo, and the fact that he (and sometimes I) may be found at booth S14 in the con’s least populated area, the legendary Small Press Pavilion (really just a section). Come, take a break from the crowds and check out a great comic. Tell ’em Bob sent you.