4 questions with Michael Proietti of The Next Food Network Star

Michael Proietti was the latest contestant to get kicked off of Season 5 of “The Next Food Network Star” this past Sunday, and while Michael showed flashes of brilliance with his outgoing personality and mad cooking skills, his basic fear of the camera seemed to be his undoing. We had the chance to ask Michael about just that, as well as his future plans after his brief stint as a reality TV star:

Premium Hollywood: Did you feel like your comment of being intimidated by the camera was your undoing?

Michael Proietti: It was meant to be humorous but I do think the judges take everything seriously. My performance on camera was a critique I had gotten a lot so I am sure it was a factor in my elimination.

PH: Did you feel Debbie should have been eliminated this week because she wasn’t exactly honest with the judges and you guys?

MP: I am a big fan of Debbie and I actually think it was just my time to go.

PH: Do you see yourself having your own show even if you didn’t win this particular competition?

MP: Yes, I think being in entertainment is definitely in the cards for me. Making great food and making people smile is what I love to do!

PH: What’s next for your career?

MP: I am working on a cookbook, and I continue to work on my web site www.mvpchef.com to provide great videos and recipes. I would like to open a restaurant in the next year.


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