Department of Retractions…Of Other People’s Mistakes

One benefit of being the kind of blogger who in no way makes news, but merely repeats and expands/bloviates upon it is that, as long as I get my ducks in a row through my links and don’t confabulate anything, if somebody reports something false, it’s theoretically not my fault. Of course, if I don’t follow-up and mention the correction, I suppose I am guilty of spreading a false rumor.

So, anyhow, according to Variety, the rumors I discussed on Friday about a supposed disastrous screening of “G.I. Joe” and some kind of firing or demotion of director Stephen Sommers are false. Of course, for all I know, Variety could be wrong, too.

In any event, I’m still expecting this one to kind of stink up the universe. Let’s call it a hunch.


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