Getting to the TV portion of “The Next Food Network Star” from among thousands of contestants is no easy feat. To get there, though, and then be eliminated after the first episode has to be a tough pill to swallow. Jen Isham was eliminated this past Sunday, and we had the chance to chat with Jen about that early elimination and her plans post-show:

Premium Hollywood: Did you feel like you were not given a fair shot with such an abrupt elimination?

Jen Isham: Some one had to go home the first episode. I think there was lot of me the selection committee did not get to see, as well as the viewers – but they had to make a choice. I respect them all; they obviously are pretty successful in what they do. BUT I still think it shouldn’t have been me! :)

PH: Was it your idea to make the green beans?

JI: You know the whole menu planning went fast. Veggie was the only thing really left when I had the chance to speak. I did choose to make green beans; they are my favorite veggie. I liked them as did my team.

PH: What are your plans now?

JI: I have been working on my website, my cookbook/guide for the modern gal, and posting on my blog.

PH: Who do you think will win Season 5 now that you have been eliminated?

JI: It’s a tough call. All of the contestants are so different and talented. I prefer to laugh and be entertained watching a cooking show, so my vote is for Michael!