The Biggest Loser: Are you as annoyed as I am?

NBC loves to mess with us when it comes to “The Biggest Loser.” Once again, the teams were broken up and it is now an individual competition again, as the show began with host Alison Sweeney giving each contestant the color t-shirt they began this season with, and then having them pick which trainer they wanted to work with the rest of the way. That is, until she threw another twist at them. This season is “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” but the show never gives you what it promises. Okay, so it’s an individual competition again. But next week they will change it up again. It’s maddening, and if I wasn’t asked to write this blog, I probably wouldn’t watch the show anymore.

Anyway, the contestants went through the process of choosing their trainer as if it was a life and death decision. At least that’s what these lovely producers of the show wanted to portray. I realize Jillian has a winning track record and Bob is the nice guy, but come on. Tara, Mike, Laura and Helen all chose Jillian while Kristin, Filipe, Sione, Ron and Aubrey chose Bob.

Then came the first part of this week’s challenge, in which the contestants had color coded blocks representing how much weight they had each lost. They had to take those blocks and put them on the post representing a competitor. Not surprisingly, everyone wanted to add pounds to Tara, who lost double digit weight for like the first ten weeks, and wins every single individual challenge there is. Her, and Helen, who many of them do not like because she sent her daughter Shannon home a few weeks back. Mrs. Mike doesn’t like Helen either, and I can’t stand Tara.

Anyway, Tara was offended by the fact that they were all gunning for her. Um, what the hell does she expect? That everyone will acknowledge that she beats them every week and they should just let her continue and just win this thing going away? Come on Tara, that’s ridiculous. Anyway, she almost walked off the show and I was really hoping she would, but Laura talked her into staying.

The second half of the challenge was a a speedway with NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer there for some Cheerios product placement. Each contestant had to pull a race car around the track once. Yikes. But they had to do it with the amount of weight from the first challenge added to their car. Most of them had amounts like 10, 20, 50 pounds…but Tara had 257 pounds and Helen 215. Ha! But of course, Tara won. She was inspired and fueled by everyone not liking her, and she won the stupid race, beating Mike and Sione by a wide margin. Ugh…so Tara won immunity, which means I have to endure her at least one more week. Of course, she gloated in the win, and I can’t say I blame her for that.

Then came the weigh in, and it was a grueling 30 minutes of television. Tara went first, needing 4 pounds to reach 100 pounds of weight loss and be the first woman on the show to do so. She lost 3, and I did a little dance in my head. Then Kristin went next, and she lost 8, putting her over the 100 pound mark, making her the first female on the show to lose 100 pounds at the ranch. Good for her. Aubrey lost 4, Mike 6, Laura 7, Helen 5, Sione 7, Ron 10 and Filipe 4. Ron didn’t enjoy his big number because at the time it put his son Mike below the yellow line. But Filipe’s 4 pounds put him and Aubrey below the line.

In the dorm, Filipe and Aubrey stated their case to stay, and the other contestants were not sure of who they wanted to vote off. They both needed to be there, and Filipe is liked a bit more by most of them, but he is more of a threat to win it all. In the end, it was Aubrey who went home, and Ron had the deciding vote, saying that she needed to go home and work with her dad Bryce, who they showed recently as being over 500 pounds. Okay, I can accept that.

They showed Aubrey going home but struggling in her first few weeks, in fact gaining 9 pounds, but then her family adjusted to her spending time in the gym and she got back on track. For all of the twists and turns on this show, the one thing that is sobering is that it’s a reality show and that the reality is when these folks go home, they face incredible challenges that all of us face when trying not to gain weight. For showing us that, I applaud them. But stop with the crazy rules! And stop letting Tara win every challenge! Oh, but they won’t stop. Next week some former contestants are being allowed back in. Ugh!

Rant over, week over, and it’s on to “American Idol” for this blogger….


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