Hell’s Kitchen: get out!!

Last night on “Hell’s Kitchen,” there was a first. I’m pretty sure it was done for effect, but more on that in a bit. The episode began showing that the red team is divided…Carol and Andrea and L.A. are all not getting along and it’s making it difficult for them to work as a team. So as the teams are uneven now, Gordon Ramsay sends Giovanni over to the red team. If he really wanted to make for some exciting TV, he would have sent Lacey back there, but instead he gave the red team the blue team’s best chef.

The initial challenge started with Ramsay wheeling in some salmon tapas dishes that he created, and the contestants all were oohing and aahing over his cooking. Then he declared that the menu for the day would be a tapas menu, and he asked each team to create a tapas menu with leftover food in the kitchen then and there in 20 minutes. He liked most of the dishes, except for L.A.’s asparagus soup, which he likened to dirty dishwater. Yuck. In the end, Giovanni edged out Ben and the red team won. The blue team had to prep both kitchens and the red team won a day at the horse racing track in Hollywood.

During the prepping, Lacey was loafing around and pissing off all of her teammates, eventually shouting “I quit!” and running out of the kitchen. Ben, once again, found Lacey and said “we need you” and she came back, knowing full well that Ben said that so they had enough help in the kitchen.

At the dinner service, J had messed up the risotto for both teams by overcooking the rice, and Ramsay took him in the walk-in fridge and gave him a verbal beat-down. Carol and Andrea both messed up the pasta by under-cooking it, so Ramsay made them go to a table in the dining room and eat their own mess. Then, after J screwed up again, Ramsay sent him packing, I do mean packing, yelling “Get out!” over and over again. Easy, producers, easy! I thought that maybe this was a stunt, but there was J packing his suitcase, hailing a cab and talking in the third person as he does: “J screwed up but J knows that J will be alright.”

Then it was Ben who couldn’t properly cook a beef wellington, and Ramsay took him for a verbal lashing in the fridge too. Paula, meanwhile, had cooked her wellingtons to perfection and Ramsay commended her. L.A. was having her troubles, prompting the dreaded “silly cow” reference from Ramsay.

At the end of the service, the blue team was declared the losing team and Ramsay asked each member to nominate one person for elimination. The guys are starting to turn on Lacey because, as the red team found out, she just drags everyone else down. Robert, Danny and Ben all nominated Lacey and Lacey nominated Robert. But Ramsay asked Lacey and Ben to step forward, and he asked Ben why he didn’t nominate himself, and Ben admitted he was the worst performer on his team that night.

But then, as you might expect, Ramsay said “back in line” to both Lacey and Ben….of course he did, because J had already been fired and this show probably has a contract with FOX to run a certain number of episodes. However, many of them are having difficulty working together, so this is going to get more dramatic in the coming weeks. See you all next Friday…


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