The Biggest Loser: Is this about the game or not?

Now that last season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” has set the tone for future seasons as far as gameplay, the contestants on this season’s “Biggest Loser: Couples” are clearly not in it for the game. For the most part, these are all good people with good hearts who just want to lose weight and try and support each other in the process.

This week’s episode began on Tuesday night with a challenge that would determine new teams with new trainers. It would be from here on out blue vs. black, but some contestants would have to switch trainers. The challenge was to do 100 up-downs, football training camp-style, but in mud. The first to 100 would get to choose their trainer, and the rest would deal with a flip of Alison Sweeney’s coin. As it turned out, Tara won the challenge (of course) and they were able to stay with Jillian. Filipe and Sione had to switch to Jillian and Mandi and Aubrey had to switch to Bob. In all, I think 6 or 7 of them had a different trainer. But I didn’t expect them to act like it was the end of the world, and they did. What’s worse, Bob Harper started crying. I mean, come on!

For the main challenge, the two teams had to face off on stationery bikes, and pedal, taking turns, for 24 straight hours. They could eat and sleep when they weren’t on the bike, but they had to finish and the team with the most miles won. This was a struggle for them all, and some of them wanted to quit with like 10 hours left. But they decided to tough it out and they all felt good about that. In the end, the blue team rode for 264 miles and the black team 301, including Tara’s leading 58.8 miles (of course).

The show last night began with a Prevention Magazine pop quiz, and the black team won that and a spa vacation for all of the team members. Then came the last chance workout, and then the weigh in. But now that it was blue vs. black, things would be different. They would weigh in as a team, and the losing team would vote to send someone home…just like in “Biggest Loser” seasons past.

The blue team went first. Dane lost 13, Aubrey 5, Mandi 7, Ron 5, Kristen 10, and Cathy 14! Dane has lost 100 pounds in just 8 weeks, which is mind-boggling. Then the black team weighed in…Helen lost 7 pounds, Laura 8, Tara 11 (of course) and she has lost 83 pounds to date, Mike lost 10 and has lost 91 so far, Filipe 8, and Sione 10 and he’s lost 86 pounds. Wow. So the black team won the weigh in and the blue team had to vote someone off their squad.

In the deliberation room, Ron preached that he wanted to stay and that he was voting for Dane because he thought Dane could succeed at home. Well, yeah, but Dane gets rewarded that way for losing 100 pounds? Ron, meanwhile, has a bad knee and can’t exercise like the others. Aubrey couldn’t decide, so she voted for Kristin. Dane and Mandi voted for Ron, but then Ron, Cathy and Kristin all voted for Dane, sending him home. There was no gameplay involved in this at all, though Dane suspected Ron wanted to kick Dane off because he was a bigger threat to his son Mike. But I don’t think so. These contestants are all too nice.

Dane went home and ran a freaking marathon with his wife….wow! They didn’t say how much weight he’s lost but we already knew he lost 100 pounds, and the marathon had to help aid that cause even more.

So that’s it…’s now blue vs. black. I’m going to go out on a limb, I have a weird feeling about young Mikey that he could win it all. We’ll see, but it’s sure getting interesting. See you guys next week.


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