Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

“Futurama” goes out with a bang on “Into the Wild Green Yonder,” their fourth and supposedly final full-length movie. As Leo Wong begins construction on a galaxy-wide miniature golf course that will require the destruction of a dwarf star, Leela joins a group of eco-terrorists to stop him, while Fry inherits mind-reading abilities that enable him to battle the Dark Ones as they plot the star’s destruction. It’s a typical, gleefully labyrinthine “Futurama” story, but for the first time in these DVD movies, they’re more focused on having fun than being overly clever (compared to, say, “Bender’s Big Score,” where the writing staff was just showing off). They also have a great time setting up the apparent deaths of several characters, and gave the fans a happy, though open-ended, finale. Bravo, gentlemen. Oh, and the smooth crooner that sings the opening number? That would be Seth McFarlane. Yes, that Seth McFarlane.

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