Heroes 3.16 – I Hate People When They’re Not Polite

Really? They had to start the episode by reminding me about the plotline that loathe the most…?

Fair enough, let’s drive right into the Claire storyline. She’s continuing to get text messages from the mysterious rebel while lying to her mother and being shitty to her father, while HRG continues to offer up threats which are clearly pointless, since we all know that she’s going to ignore orders and do whatever she wants to do, anyway. Well, at least Zeljko is clearly pissed off about it. (We can only hope and pray that he actually acts on it.) By using another comic book store as a set piece, I couldn’t help but feel like the producers were saying, “Okay, let’s keep playing to the diehard geeks, ’cause if we lose them, we’re really screwed.” The sequences of Claire trying to save the life of Comic Book Guy were well-executed, but, again, it all came back to the issue of Claire being totally uncontrollable. If this had been a real government operation, she would’ve been imprisoned (at the very least) long ago, no matter who her father and stepfather were. And now she’s unnecessarily telling her mother what’s going on, knowing full well what effect that could have on her and, worse, leading to a touchy-feely scene at the end with Claire and HRG…? (The only redeeming moment of that sequence was having Comic Book Guy step out of the shadows.)


It felt a little too on-the-nose to have “Born to be Wild” playing on the stereo as Sylar set forth on his road trip with his new little buddy, Luke, but that was about my only complaint about their storyline this episode. The relationship between the two of them remains the most interesting thing about this new series, with Sylar doling out examples of his power and being flummoxed by Luke proving more fascinated than scared. The scene at the diner was also really well done, with Luke being irresponsible with his abilities and Sylar actually opening up to Luke about what he wants out of his encounter with his father. I thought sure we were going to see the end of Luke after he made the mistake of trying to be a nice guy by giving Sylar his dad’s address, but then Zeljko’s men invaded, and the end of the scene was…well, how did you feel about it? I’m sure Luke thought that Sylar had betrayed him by leaving him to be captured, but I felt like Sylar imagined that he’d given Luke a bit of a thank-you gift by not just killing him outright. In the end, of course, Sylar clearly felt like he really did owe it to Luke to save his ass, and the sequence in the paddywagon was awesome…almost as awesome as having the two of them drive off into the night to the strains of “Psycho Killer.”

“When destiny calls, you answer the phone.” Hiro’s always got a way with the one-liners, doesn’t he? But it’s Ando who has the way with the ladies, based on how he readily he handles the bride. Sure did piss off Hiro, though…not that Ando did anything to help things when he accused Hiro of being jealous that he’s Ando’s sidekick now. But, sure enough, Hiro’s immediately given the chance to save Ando’s ass once again, and…well, Hiro might’ve manage to ruin the wedding as forseen in the drawing, but I was pretty sure something still wasn’t quite right. I guess I was wrong, though, since the dynamic duo got a fax from the Rebel and hit the road to Los Angeles.

Always nice to see Moira Kelly, but is it me, or is she beginning to look like she’s turning into Joan Allen? I liked the fact that her character finally brought the government into the storyline in a big way, questioning the fact that Nathan was holding a prisoner without subscribing to the necessary requirements of Homeland Security. I laughed out loud when Nathan said, “I know, it looks harsh.” Uh, yeah, it sure does, dude. There had to have been some better way to introduce your request for more funding than offering up a scene that put Guantanamo Bay to shame. Of course, the timing was ridiculously convenient that Tracy should’ve escaped right as Moira happened to be in the office to witness it, thereby potentially saving the project’s government funding. And, as we later found out, it wasn’t convenient at all: Zeljko planned it. (Frankly, I thought Nathan had been responsible, so that actually was a little surprising.)

Seeing HRG being drugged and helped out of the bar by Peter, Parkman, and Mohinder, was pretty cool, and next week’s episode looks to be rather HRG-heavy. If we can just keep Claire out of sight for most of it, it ought to be pretty darned good.


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