Jurassic Fight Club: The Complete Season One

“The following is a graphic depiction of a violent prehistoric battle. Viewer discretion is advised.” That’s the warning presented at the top of each installment of “Jurassic Fight Club,” and a hat must be tipped toward the producers for coming up with a title guaranteed to grab attention. Thankfully, the show very much delivers on the promise of the title. Over the course of 12 episodes, there’s quite the variety of bloody prehistoric smackdowns involving T. Rex, Raptors and Allosaurus recreated via a mixture of CGI and loads of scientific supposition. Based on the remains of various critters – usually located in close proximity to each other – dino experts piece together the circumstances leading up to the demise of many a different creature. Each episode tackles a separate battle, with the dots being connected based on evidence, slowly leading up to the big brawl.

It crossed my mind numerous times, however, what if they’re just plain wrong? Then I came to my senses and realized it was much more fun to just go with it, and bask in the unbridled carnage. There are a couple surprises along the way, too, such as a non-lizard installment pitting the ice age specimens the Giant Short-Faced Bear against the Mega Lion, and an episode that takes place deep beneath the ocean surface. The season ends with a massive finish entitled “Armageddon,” which recreates what it may have been like when the giant asteroid collided with Earth, bringing to an end the species for good. At this point, the warning is accordingly changed to “The following is a graphic depiction of a prehistoric apocalypse.” Good stuff? You bet Jurassic. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

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