American Idol: Pass the salt shaker

Last night the “American Idol” auditions moved to Salt Lake City, home of last season’s runner-up, David Archuleta. They made reference to the fact that there are a lot of nice people who live in Salt Lake, much like young David. That’s amazing considering that many people who live there do not drink alcohol. But I digress….the judges had to sift through a lot of bad auditions, probably many more than they showed last night, to find a few jewels. Here were the bad and the good from this round…..


Tara Mathews, a 21-year old local Goth girl (a Goth in Salt Lake is like a peanut in Italian food) said that she had ESP powers. Well that’s good, because she sure can’t sing….they only showed a few seconds of this girl Aleesha, who I’ll call vibrato girl, but her audition made me laugh out loud…..there was Chris, who brought along his friend Greg the Rabbit. Greg wore a pink bunny costume, and Chris said that Greg was his “good luck charm, like a rabbit’s foot.” Ugh, what these people won’t do on national TV. Chris wasn’t bad, but not good enough…and the rabbit was as funny as it was a dumb stunt….there was Andrew Gibson, a 21 year old who sang a Gospel type song and was just not good…..finally, since they only showed these clunkers, they blazed through a medley of bad auditions, something that I’m sure made all of you as happy as it made me.


The show kicked off with 28 year old David Osmond, whose dad is Alan Osmond of Osmond brothers fame. Alan has multiple sclerosis and David has battled it too, but he is out of his wheelchair and seemed to be doing great. He also has a hell of a voice and is moving on….Frankie Jordan, a 24 year old from Hollywood, sang Amy Winehouse and looked a bit like Amy too (at her most sober), and was really good and unique. Frankie won’t have to commute very far for the Hollywood round, but I could have done without Ryan Seacrest saying “Frankie goes to Hollywood”…really now Ryan?…..Megan Corkery, 23, is a recently divorced single mom and decided that she would take advantage of her newfound freedom and audition. Megan has a massive tattoo on her right arm that was distracting, but she has a cute natural look and a great voice. She sang some old standard and has a unique quality about her, something Simon Cowell in particular said he would remember…..Austin, a 17 year old dude, sang a Train song and was barely good enough to get through….Taylor, who is 16 but acted more like 26, sang “Joyful Joyful” and really has some natural talent, especially for her age. Randy Jackson said it was one of the best auditions this season so far….finally, Rose Flack, a cute 17 year old blonde girl from Idaho, was the heartwarming story of this round. Rose lost her dad four years ago and her mom two years ago, and is living with a friends’ family. Her dad instilled a passion for music in Rose, and apparently an amazing vocal ability. Rose sang Carole King’s “I Feel The Earth Move,” and not only did she do a great job, but she has such a likability about her. I don’t know how Rose will handle Hollywood, but she is someone I’ll be rooting for.

So now six audition rounds are done, but FOX is throwing a curveball at us…..there is a bonus episode tonight, in which they will combine the New York City and San Juan auditions into one final audition show, and this one too is only one hour! Then next week the Hollywood rounds begin. I have to say, I like the way they are doing this, because every season Hollywood week cannot come fast enough. See you all tomorrow…


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