The Biggest (Largest) Loser: Is Anyone Following?

We gave you a little insight into Season 7 of NBC’s hit reality show, “The Biggest Loser: Couples” a few days ago, and the season premiered last night. Now, the fact that some of the largest contestants ever graced your TV screen was distracting enough, but did you catch the whole “twist” thing being brought to another level? Are you following this or are you annoyed like I am? More on that in a bit.

After the contestants were holed up in a hotel conference room before host Alison Sweeney came in to give them the good news that this particular group of 22 people were going to be on the show (“American Idol” style), it was on to the ranch. Then, they were told they had to work out without the help of trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels. Everyone looked at each other and then proceeded to work out like a bunch of bumbling idiots…no exaggeration. Bob and Jillian were watching in the next room on a TV monitor, and finally entered the room, much to the joy of each contestant.

After the working out continued with a bit of help, there was a scare as 63 year old Jerry collapsed. It turns out Jerry had a drop in blood pressure but it was a scary, scary moment for his wife Estella and everyone else there. The teams were chosen and it was on to more business. Laura and Tara are a funny team….Laura seems to be pretty lazy and Tara is a loudmouth New Yorker (I’m assuming where she is from, because I grew up there and I know a New Yorker a mile away, accent or not) who keeps pushing and pulling her teammate. Laura, meanwhile, is dealing with the wrath of Jillian, who pushes her until she vomits. Blech. After that, everyone weighed in for the first time and the numbers were absolutely staggering, including 454 pound Dan, who is only 19 years old!

Then came the first challenge, and it was a race on a bridge in Los Angeles, over a gigantic heap of sand, and back. There were three heats, with a few teams being eliminated each time. The final heat came down to the yellow team, Aubrey and Mandi; and the black team, Blaine and Dane (you can’t make up name combos like this). The black team won, but barely, and that gave them immunity for the first week.

Then came the weigh in after a week on the ranch, but wait. The twist was that only one team would be above the yellow line and would be safe, and Dane and Blaine had immunity. The other nine teams would be below the line and would be sending one person home that night. This didn’t mean they were off the show, but the catch was that whoever is still in the game after 30 days can have their teammate return to the ranch. Are you confused? I am too, and aside from putting pressure on the contestants remaining at the ranch, I don’t understand why they would do something like this in the first episode. Don’t call it “Biggest Loser: Couples,” just call it “The Biggest Loser!” Every time this happens, Mrs. Mike wants to throw something at the TV and I can’t say I disagree.

The winners of the weigh in were Ron and son Mike, who had weighed a combined 818 pounds at the start, and lost 54 pounds (including 32 for Ron) the first week. Wow. They were the last to weigh in, and before them Laura and Tara had taken the lead from Jerry and Estella, with Tara annoyingly flapping her arms and bugging her eyes out and just being annoying.

We haven’t even had the chance to introduce each team to you, but here are the names sent home last night: Shannon, Cathy, Aubrey, Nicole, Laura, Sione, Carla and Dave. With the stakes high in trying to bring teammates back, you can be sure the gameplay is going to be a factor. Keep an eye on Tara, because she is looking like an early favorite to be this season’s Vicky….I can just feel it.

Anyway, let’s not lose sight of the fact that this show is powerful and inspires many overweight and unhealthy people to get on track. But these twists are starting to take over the show and I know a lot of you agree with me. Okay, that’s it….see you all next Wednesday!


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