The Biggest Loser: Families: Karma is a Powerful Thing

Folks, you can’t ignore karma, because it is more powerful than all of us. Last week, as NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” was barreling toward its live season finale, there was a cliffhanger of sorts. Michelle and Vicky had reached the finals, but the third finalist would be determined by America voting between Ed and his wife Heba. They tried some sneaky gameplay thing, where Ed gained two pounds and then implored America to vote Heba into the finale. I voted for Ed and urged all of you to do the same, and it turns out we weren’t the only ones who wanted to stick it to Heba. They had them both come out on stage (both of them look phenomenal by the way), and it was announced that Ed was going to be the third finalist, with (get this) 84% of the vote. That’s not just karma, it’s a sure sign that America is tired of the gameplay and more about the true spirit of the show. Good for you all. But there is more to this story, and I’ll get to that later.

They had a look back at the season, and host Alison Sweeney, who at this point is very pregnant, was stumbling all over her words, which was pretty funny. Then they started bringing out the eliminated contestants in groups of four, and would show a video recap of each one and then have them weight in. The contestant with the highest percentage of weight loss among the eliminated players would take home $100K.

First was Adam and his wife Stacy, and Tom and his son LT. Adam lost 80 pounds, or 23.53%. Stacy lost 65 pounds, or 29.41%. LT lost 87 pounds and Tom 78 pounds, but both were in the 24% range and so Stacy was the current leader. Then they brought out Jerry and his daughter Coleen, and Shellay and her daughter Amy. Let me tell you, this was the highlight of the show last night. These four looked incredible, and Jerry especially. Dr. Huizenga almost started crying when he told Jerry he had gained back 24 years of his life by losing all the weight he did. Anyway, Jerry lost 115 pounds (and is now running 5Ks), or 30.26% to take the lead. Coleen lost 64 pounds, or 29.36%. Shellay, who is very thin now, lost 74 pounds for a 34.26% weight loss, but her daughter Amy lost 104 pounds, or 43.51%! She also looks amazing. But wait, there’s more.

The final group was Phil, Amy, Brady, Renee, and Heba. Phil, looking stick thin, lost 151 pounds, or 45.62%, putting him in first place for the moment. But his wife Amy lost 105 pounds, or 45.85%. Brady was next and lost 117 pounds, but that was only 34.31% of his starting weight. Renee lost 106 pounds, but that was good for only 39.70%. So it was down to Heba to dethrone Amy. Amazingly, Heba lost 138 pounds, or 46.9%, and took home the $100,000. Wow. They showed a video of Ed and Heba from when they first arrived home from the ranch, and their favorite restaurant, Humble Pie, had a spot reserved on their new menu for Ed’s own healthy creations (he is a chef by day).

Then, after a preview of the next season which starts in January, “The Biggest Loser: Couples,” and a promo of a contest where viewers can lose weight at home and have money donated per pound to a food bank charity, it was on to business again.

Ed came out on stage, and then Vicky and Michelle were brought out for the first time. Holy crap, they all look incredible, but that should be no surprise. They showed them all working out at home and doing their daily routines, and Vicky said she struggled at first, only losing 2 pounds in the first seven weeks.

So Ed weighed in first, and lost 139 pounds, down from 335 to 196, for 41.49%. Big number. Then it was Vicky’s turn. You might remember Vicky was the evil gameplayer who would stab anyone in the back to advance in this thing. Well, karma got her. She was told she needed to lose 102 pounds to get ahead of Ed, and she lost 101. One freaking pound kept Vicky from taking the lead. But then Michelle, and I know America was all pulling for her. Michelle was told she had to lose 100 pounds to be the winner….and she lost 110! That gave her 45.4% and the title of The Biggest Loser. Amazing. Michelle had reconciled with her mom before the show started and they enjoyed the journey together. You know she’s a good person and we were all rooting for her to beat out all of those blue team members. Good for Michelle, and good for us all who voted Ed into the finale.

But wait, there is one more twist. They didn’t show the numbers, but I calculated them this morning…..Heba, if she had been in the final three, would have won it all instead of the $100K. She had 46.9% while Michelle had 45.4%. Let that be a lesson, Heba, Vicky and Ed. Gameplay and rigging and not doing things in the spirit of the show can cost you $150,000. Not only that, but over time America is only going to remember this season’s winner. Kudos Michelle, and kudos to the karma! See you all in January……


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