Stephen King releases annual Best Films list, no one cares

Horror author Stephen King is not a film critic; he’s a fan. In fact, he’s mentioned this several times over the course of his last few years writing for Entertainment Weekly, so why does the entertainment mag publish his expectedly crappy list every year? Who the hell knows, but between gushing about his man crush on Jason Statham and his totally serious statement that Samuel L. Jackson deserves an Oscar nomination for his work in “Lakeview Terrace,” here’s hoping it’s the last time it does.

stephen king

King isn’t completely oblivious when it comes to good movies – his Top 3 consists of “The Dark Knight,” “Slumdog Millionaire” and “WALL*E” – but the rest of his list is laughable at best. “Funny Games”? “The Ruins”? “Death Race”? Look, there’s nothing wrong with liking these movies, but there’s a big difference between enjoying them and declaring them one of the best movies of the year. Click here for the full list, where you can read all about why each film made the cut.


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