As cliche as it sounds, these reality show seasons seem to go so fast, they run into each other after a while. NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” will air its live finale on Tuesday after last night’s final three (minus one) were revealed. More on that shortly.

First, the episode last night began with “blue team” members Ed, Heba and Vicky celebrating that they voted off another “black team” member, Renee, last week. So it was just the three of them and Michelle in the Final Four. But wait, this season there is only a Final Three. So with this one more episode, another contestant would be going home.

When trainer Bob Harper met his blue team, he told Vicky he was concerned about her. That’s because she was one of the biggest, if not the biggest, gameplayer to ever set foot on the ranch. She wanted the grand prize from Day 1, and she would stab anyone in the back on her way toward that goal. But Bob reminded her that in Season 1 of the show, champion Ryan was also a gameplayer, and while he lost the most weight then, he now weighs the same as when that season started. Yikes. Well, Bob has touched on something that irritates me about this show…that the producers continually go for ratings over the true meaning of the show, and allow people like Vicky to control it. Anyway, Bob wanted to make sure that Vicky would continue eating healthy and exercising once she got home and while she promised she would, I have my own doubts. Then Bob taught Vicky, Heba and Ed about the importance of vegetables in your diet, and how to cook them, clearly focusing on Vicky the whole time.

Then host Alison Sweeney had a special delivery box for the remaining contestants, and in it were clothes that they wore when the season began. They all decided that since they would never need those clothes again, they would go out back and burn them. Don’t try this at home, folks.

Then the challenge was to run around a track intended for race cars, wearing the amount of weight each contestant had lost to date. The prize? Meals from the Biggest Loser campus while the contestants were at home preparing for the finale, as well as $10K. Ed won, and Vicky was last. Then each remaining contestant was shown a video journey of themself on the show before their last chance workout.

So each of the final four would weigh in, and the final two would be up for elimination, but this time, America would vote and not the other contestants. You thought you saw the last of the gameplay? Nope. Vicky lost 6 pounds, and Heba 7. Then Ed went and GAINED 2 pounds. Mrs. Mike sensed gameplay and so did Bob Harper. I didn’t see it, but then it was pointed out that Ed wanted his wife Heba in the finale so badly, that he would take a dive himself. Idiot.
Meanwhile, Heba pointed out that if Michelle fell below the line, the “blue team” would have voted her off if they could. Well, duh. But Michelle didn’t give anyone that chance, as she lost 9 pounds, or a week’s best 5.26%. So Michelle and Vicky were in the finale, and Ed and Heba were up for elimination.

The gameplay truly came into focus as both Ed and Heba were asked to plead their case to America on why they should be voted into the finale, and we were given numbers to call for each of them. Ed deferred and asked everyone to vote for Heba, and Heba reinforced that, saying that Ed really wanted her in the finale. So I did the right thing…I voted for Ed, which was a vote against gameplay and everything bad that has surfaced this season. I’m sorry Ed, Heba and Vicky…you three are complete idiots and so is Bob Harper for trying to get his “blue team” to stick together this season. Jillian Michaes, the “black team” trainer, does not appreciate it, but she has Michelle in the finale, and I think Michelle is going to win it all. That would serve all the gameplayers right. It also would be sweet justice if Phil took home the $100K prize for most weight lost after leaving the ranch. Vicky, Ed, Heba…you guys deserve nothing, because you have defaced the spirit of the show. I hope the rest of America voted with me. Did you? Let me know in the comment box below, I want to hear from you! Oh wait, you still have 24 hours to do this…the number to vote for Ed is 1-866-613-0002.

Next week, the third finalist will be announced in the first five minutes of the show and then they will each weigh in to see who is going to win the $250K. I’m a little sad, not because the season is ending, but because the integrity of the show has been severely compromised this season. Sorry for the soapbox, but I’ve got this space and I want the producers to know how I feel, because I know a lot of you viewers agree with me. See you next week, and go Michelle!