Heroes 3.12 – This House Is Just A Broken Home, Left All Alone

Pretty ballsy of Nathan to blow into Papa Petrelli’s office and talk shit tonight, wasn’t it? And, yet, he was right: he does have the power…politically speaking…to help make Papa’s plan a reality. Of course, if he thinks Papa isn’t going to blow his mind if he makes a wrong move, he’s ridiculously naive. I continue to be interested in the militaristic side of Nathan’s storyline, but I have to say that this idea of having a super-powered fighting force seems like a really bad idea to me. Even if Papa’s people do have control over who gets what abilities, it only takes one strong bastard to figure out how to use his powers and the element of surprise to take control of the operation. But maybe that’s just me. Unrelated question: how utterly useless a character is Tracy these days? Why give her that awesome power if we’re not even going to get to see her use it?

Mama Petrelli’s cool delivery never fails to entertain me, especially tonight, when she calmly and carefully laid out the method by which her son should kill her husband. I appreciate Peter’s insistence that he has to be the one to take out his father, but you’d think he’d at least be willing to accept the help of the Haitian. But, noooooooo, it’s gotta be his responsibility…

Despite our readers’ suspicions to the contrary, Elle sure looked pretty damned dead to me when the episode began, and when Sylar covered her in gasoline and set her ablaze…well, if she isn’t dead, she’s at least going to be extra crispy. It was, of course, nice to see the unequivocally evil Sylar return, but the highlight had to be when Sue Landers’ co-workers burst in on him while he was in mid-attack. “Cake…?” Nice. The moment in the elevator was pretty funny, too. (“Huh. It does kind of tingle.”)

The bit with Claire and Hiro chattering back and forth to each other with neither knowing what the other was saying was pretty funny, but you’d think Claire had never seen a time-travel movie before. Doesn’t even the ditziest cheerleader know that you can’t change your own past without causing a paradox? Apparently not, since she promptly went to go hang out with her mom and…herself. The scene with Claire and HRG was cheesy, particularly with HRG’s smirk when he repeated, “Claire bear,” but Jack Coleman’s intensity was as solid as ever, and – surprise! – Hayden Panitierre actually pulled off a solid performance, so it was a hell of a lot better than it could’ve been.

“Where is train station? I must use toilet. More waffles please.” Funny how, when Hiro had that reaction about the chance to see his mother, I realized that we hadn’t really seen his mother before. (I guess I just got so caught up in the excitement of Sulu playing his father that I didn’t really think about it.) So she had a terminal disease and she was a healer…? Hell of a family, these Nakamuras. When Mr. Nakamura made the comment about having Noah bring back the baby and the missus said that she’d rather keep it in the family, I figured, “Okay, it must be Hiro’s sister,” who I remembered that we had seen before, back when Hiro had to step up to bat at the company in the wake of his father’s demise. Unlike Claire and HRG, the scene between Hiro and his mother was both well-performed and well-written, particularly the moment when he said, “I remember how much I miss you.” Which of us wouldn’t take the opportunity to go back in time and visit with a deceased relative if we knew it wouldn’t change anything? And what a sweet concept, to know that he was able to go back to see his mother and tell her everything he would accomplish long after her death.

You know, I forgot to mention last week how amused I was that the Comic Book Guys finally brought up the point I’d wondered about earlier in the season, about who the hell’s been handling “9th Wonder” since Isaac bit the big one. Now Ando, Matt, and Daphne are on the trail of the bike messenger who swiped Isaac’s sketchbook…and, man, don’t ever try to ride your bike to safety when you’re being chased by a speedster. The contents of the sketch book, however, made my head hurt. So, what, are the sketches within the book changing as events occur in the past? I understand time is fluid, but it’s hard even for an experienced sci-fi guy such as myself to wrap my head around some of this stuff.

So after following Hiro and Claire back through time, Arthur Petrelli had the catalyst, which meant that he could perfect the formula and give people powers…and because of that, Ando found himself thinking that maybe he, too, could acquire the ability to travel through time and thereby save Hiro from his position as a flagpole hanger-on? Ow. OW. My head. Of course, it doesn’t hurt nearly as much as Papa’s probably does. I liked the way they tied the whole story up, with Sylar’s new abilities allowing him to confirm that Papa was lying about his parentage; I have to admit that I didn’t really think about that when he stole the lie-detector ability – though I’m probably the only one – so I was surprised to see him appear to (briefly) stop the bullet from striking Papa. And, hey, Sylar, way to totally harsh Peter’s buzz with that last comment, you dick.

Is it this end of Papa Petrelli? Did the catalyst leave him and enter Peter…? We shall see.


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