So last week I said that Amy was making a big, big mistake by not voting Vicky off the ranch on “The Biggest Loser: Families”…..and I was right. Amy voted off Vicky’s husband Brady the week before, and last week, instead of pulling the trigger on kicking off evil Vicky, she plucked Coleen off the ranch.

Last night’s episode began by showing Michelle and Renee, the remaining black team members, commenting that Amy had made a mistake and then trainer Jillian Michaels saying, “Vicky is going to get Amy.” Vicky’s pal Heba agreed, and Vicky even said she still doesn’t trust Amy. Oh, how I wish you would have pulled the trigger last week, Amy.

Anyway, it was an NFL-themed week since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, and the first challenge featured former NFL stars Jerry Rice and Steve Young leading the contestants on an NFL-combine type obstacle course challenge. Vicky hoofed it the first time, correctly realizing that there would be a second heat, and the winner would be the one who beat their first time by the most time….so sneaky, evil Vicky of course won.

Then there was the official challenge, on a football field where they had to wear jerseys with numbers showing the amount of weight each one had lost to this point. They had to catch footballs and bring them back into a rack with an opponents’ name and when that person’s rack was full, they were eliminated. No surprise then, that Vicky said to her teammates, “Take out the black team.” And when they did, because well, Vicky is evil, Renee and Michelle were pissed….then they took out Amy, because, well, Vicky is evil. And Vicky, who claimed to be a huge football fan, won the challenge and tickets to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl in 2009. Grrrrrrrr. Michelle and Renee felt like they were being bullied, because they were, and this fueled Jillian to make them work harder than ever at the last chance workout.

But first, a Thanksgiving dinner makeover by chef Rocco DiSpirito, who Amy admitted to having a crush on. After that, each contestant was shown a video from their family.

Then came the weigh in….and it’s really getting down to the wire here. Amy went first and lost 5 pounds, but that wound up as the lowest percentage of weight loss. Heba was next at 7 pounds. Ed lost 9, Vicky 7, and Renee 8 and Michelle 10. That meant that not only Renee and Michelle would not fall below the yellow line, they were the top losers this week. Jillian smiled and so did I and Mrs. Mike. But that left Amy and Heba below the line, Amy for the first time ever. We knew Renee and Michelle would vote for Heba, and that Ed would vote for Amy to keep his wife there. So what do you know? Vicky had the swing vote because a tie would send Amy home since she had the least percentage of weight loss. I thought for a second that Vicky would vote Heba off, but then, naaaah. She is evil. And so she voted for Amy, and Amy went home, probably kicking herself the whole way.

Folks, I’ve been watching this show for a few years and I have never wanted to punch someone like I want to punch Vicky. In fact, I can’t remember ever feeling so much venom toward anyone in any walk of life before. I have no tolerance for bullies, and I so badly want for Vicky to go home next week and not be in the finals. Michelle, Renee….I’m pulling for you and I bet all of America is too.

As for Amy, she went from a size 22 at the start of the show, to a size 8. Wow…..good for her, but she still blew it last week because she could have won the big prize. See you all next week, and Happy Thanksgiving!